15 Best Looking Chinese Restaurants for Weddings


Chinese restaurant weddings are popular for the value they offer. Amazing food at a reasonable price. But what if you do not want to sacrifice form over function? What if you have always wanted to post that gorgeous photo with the wedding captions that you have dreamt of? At TWN, we’ve done the legwork to help you narrow down your search. 

Needless to say, the dishes served would unabashedly be solid. In no particular order, these 15 restaurants in Klang Valley represent a variety of needs; from the biggest dinner parties to the most intimate, traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

1. HXC Grand Ballroom (Non-Halal)

Grand Ballroom of ICC Pudu Hao Xiang Chi Seafood
Grand Ballroom – Source: ICC Pudu – Hao Xiang Chi Seafood
Sky Ballroom – Source: ICC Pudu – Hao Xiang Chi Seafood

It may not look like much on the outside but this venue is behemoth in its grandeur. To cater for a wedding dinner of gargantuan proportions within Kuala Lumpur, look no further than the HXC Grand Ballroom at Pudu. With 28,000 sq ft of space and the ability to accommodate up to 228 tables, this high ceiling, column free ballroom is made for the very biggest reception. The Grand Ballroom can also be partitioned into 4 smaller rooms. It is well-equipped with floor to ceiling LED screen, professional sound and lighting system. Wedding packages start at RM 1388 nett. Private rooms with ensuite washrooms are available for the couple and the bridal party. Smaller function rooms for tea ceremonies are available as well. Impressive hotel style foyer greets guests for pre-cocktail drinks and plenty of space is available for extravagantly decorated photo backdrops. Ample covered parking within the building is accessible for guests. Moreover, if you wish to have a wedding dinner with views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline, the Sky Ballroom has a floor to ceiling window that can accommodate 40 tables.

2. Oriental Star EkoCheras Mall (Non-Halal)

Source: The Oriental Group
Source: The Oriental Group

The Oriental star at EkoCheras Mall is another viable option for big dinner parties with a pillar-free, high ceiling ballroom that fits 93 tables. This ballroom boasts follow-spot lighting, a hydraulic stage, LED screens to the side of the stage, stage fireworks and sound system compatible for a live band. It also has a bridal room and a smaller function room for usage if needed. Wedding packages start at RM 1388 nett. Needless to say, parking will not be a problem for guests as the ballroom is located in a shopping mall. However, as this restaurant is located in a mall one may be concerned about the lack of privacy at the foyer where guests usually mingle before the dinner starts.

3. Ruyi @ Bangsar Shopping Centre (Pork-Free)

Source: @ruyilyn 

Ruyi located at Bangsar Shopping Centre lies within an upscale neighbourhood. This is an award winning restaurant serving pork-free modern Chinese cuisine. Unlike the usual decor Chinese restaurants are known for, Ruyi has an industrial interior that would suit a contemporary wedding decor better. This restaurant can fit 25 tables on its main floor and a further 8 tables on the mezzanine floor, accommodating up to a total of 330 guests. The view of the stage is unobstructed. There is a cocktail bar to the right of the stage where guests can easily help themselves to more drinks. The room is fitted with a projector screen, holographic lights and stage fireworks. An english speaking emcee is available which is not commonly found in chinese restaurants. There is also a bridal room. Despite being in a shopping mall, Ruyi is located at the top floor and has a cosy lounge outside suitable for pre-dinner cocktails that is relatively private. Wedding packages start at RM 1388 nett.

4. Oriental Pavilion @ Jaya 33 (Non-Halal)

Oriental Pavilion @ Jaya 33 made this list as one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Petaling Jaya. They serve top notch Chinese cuisine in a muted ambience. The interior’s main colour palette is rose gold which is a pleasant canvas for wedding decoration. This venue can be split into two main halls. The bigger one can fit 35 tables and the smaller one 18 tables, making it a total of 53 tables. However, it is not a column-free space. It does not have special lighting or sound system for a live band and the aisle is L-shaped. It does however have a bridal room and multiple small rooms for ceremonies to choose from. As expected of restaurants that are situated within a mall, the foyer opens out into the corridor of the mall. However, Jaya 33 is a commercial space that is relatively quiet in the evenings which should provide privacy and not to mention plenty of parking for your guests. Wedding packages start at RM 1388 nett.

5. Copper mansion (Non-Halal)

Source: Copper Mansion
Copper Mansion
Source: Copper Mansion

Another popular wedding venue in Petaling Jaya is Copper Mansion due to its convenient locale, hotel style cocktail foyer and expansive pillar-free ballroom that can accommodate up to 120 tables. It has all the regular amenities of a wedding hall; LED screen, digital backdrop and bridal room. However, the aisle is L-shaped which is less ideal for most wedding aisle decor. The foyer can double as a space for a ceremony but on offer is also the use of the glasshouse paved with faux grass at a fee. Unfortunately, parking on site is limited and guests are to park at an open lot opposite the venue that is gravelled and a pain to walk on for guests wearing heels. Wedding packages for 2023 start at RM 1688 nett with a minimum of 30 tables booking. This is a popular venue therefore it would be prudent to book ahead. Given its popularity and its layout, do note that your wedding guest may also have to navigate through other wedding halls before arriving at yours.

6. Chuai Heng Banquet Hall (Non-Halal)

Source: Chuai Heng Banquet Hall

Chuai Heng Banquet Hall located at Imbi, Kuala Lumpur has been in operation for over 30 years. There are two halls available, the first fits 50 tables and the smaller room fits 35 tables. These two rooms can be merged to accommodate an even larger wedding party. Usual amenities like LED screen, sound system for live band and bridal room are available. There is a paved open parking area just across the street from the banquet hall which is just a mere 20m walk which won’t prove too difficult for guests wearing heels. Despite its interior being slightly dated, this venue offers a romantic minute glasshouse which is available to book at RM 2500 (for 3 hours of use), a rarity with Chinese restaurants. Wedding packages start at RM 1398 nett.

7. Ti Chen @ The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur (Pork-Free)

Source: The Saujana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Source: The Saujana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

The Saujana Hotel is infamous for their garden weddings and Ti Chen is the lake-side Chinese restaurant within its grounds. This venue offers an option to have an outdoor garden wedding followed by dinner at Ti Chen. Wooden framed floor to ceiling windows flank the periphery of the restaurant lending a boathouse feel, inside the interior is tastefully decorated with elegant oriental pieces. This is also a great option for those who are planning to host guests who are travelling and would need to book hotel rooms. The vicinity can fit up to 12 tables. Guests can have cocktails at the deck overlooking the waters before dinner. The restaurant is currently undergoing renovations and is scheduled to reopen its doors in October 2022. So do contact them towards the end of the year to ask about wedding packages for 2023. Check out how this space was styled by Moments and Dayco.

8. Tao Chinese Cuisine @ Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur (Halal)

Source: Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur 

Tao Chinese Cuisine at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur offers the perfect setting for an intimate dinner. Opulently decorated in modern and earthy tones with a nod to the orient, a dinner in this venue will surely be a treat for your dinner party. The room requires little effort to set up for a wedding. There is a foyer for pre-lunch /dinner drinks and a private entrance leading to the restaurant which renders exclusivity. Think of a saxophonist or a traditional instrumental chinese band for entertainment and you’re set for a glamorous evening. The restaurant can fit 100 guests and a changing room within the restaurant is available for a second outfit change. Wedding packages start at RM 2288 per table of 10 for lunch or dinner and a minimum booking of 8 tables is required to have the whole restaurant to yourself. Check out this styled shoot at Tao by the Wedding Notebook.

9. Grand Imperial Sunway Pinnacle (Non-Halal)

The Royale Ballroom – Source: Grand Imperial Group
Source: Grand Imperial Group

If you have guests who are travelling to attend your wedding, the Grand Imperial Sunway Pinacle is one of the best options for you. This restaurant is situated right next to Sunway Resort, is walking distance from Sunway Pyramid mall and has many overnight options for those travelling from outside Selangor. Guests can easily entertain themselves before and after the wedding as there is so much to do within Sunway City. There are 2 rooms available in this vicinity. There is a private elevator leading guests to the Royale Ballroom situated on the 2nd floor. The Royale Ballroom sits 65 tables and wedding packages start at RM 1856 nett per table of 10. The other room is located on the first floor and is slightly smaller, fitting 40 tables. Both rooms are column-less. They each have a private foyer, bridal room and washroom of their own. The 1st floor restaurant package starts at RM 1466 nett per table. Do note that the aisle of the Royal Ballroom is shorter as the entrance to the ballroom is from the side whereas the other room’s aisle is straight.

10. Grand Imperial @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Source: Grand Imperial @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Source: Grand Imperial @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Grand Imperial at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is located at the strategic Pavilion Mall on Bukit Bintang, the interior is an understated elegance perfect for a classy wedding. To make up for its pillars, the whole room has LED TVs installed so guests will not miss the display on stage. The ballroom fits a total of 35 tables and a minimum booking of 25 tables is required. A private room will be prepared for changing or touch ups for the bride. Standard sound systems are available but more support needs to be enlisted if you plan to have a live band performance. Spotlights, disco and pattern projector lighting are available. There is a small foyer which is separated from the mall corridor where pre-dinner cocktails can be served. Furthermore, british style china is used during service. Meals can be served individually. Wedding packages start at RM 1366 nett.

11. Grand Imperial Ballroom @The Club (Non Halal)

Source: Grand Imperial Group

The Grand Imperial Ballroom is located in The Club, a social and recreational facility in Bukit Utama. Unlike the other branch under the Grand Imperial Group, this venue is not in a mall and therefore comes with the advantages of private parking, foyer and high ceiling column-free ballroom. Just like a hotel venue, there is a porte cochere where the bride and groom can be dropped off; and the bridal room is conveniently located steps away from the entrance. Amenities like LED screen, pattern lighting, spotlight and standard sound systems are available. Possibly the only ballroom that has a water show, the stage floor retracts to reveal a water fountain below it. Water show with lighting would be made available to you at this venue. This ballroom fits 70 tables and wedding packages start at RM 1756 nett per table. As it is a part of the Grand Imperial group, one can rest assured that the food would be good. Pork-free menus are also available at request here. 

12. Grand harbour @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil (Non-Halal)

Source: Grand Harbour @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil
Grand Harbour at Fahrenheit 88
Source: Grand Harbour @ Fahrenheit 88

The Grand harbour restaurant at Pavilion Bukit Jalil is the newest of 3 outlets by the Grand Harbour Restaurant Group. Its decor is simpler as compared to the other 2 outlets, however it can accomodate a total of 65 tables. The outlet in Damen and Farenheit outlet sits 42 and 38 tables respectively. This ballroom has a LED screen, bridal room and smaller function rooms. It does not however have a sound system for a live band. The advantage of this restaurant as compared to other restaurants situated in a mall is it’s private foyer that does not open up to the mall’s corridor and it’s simple design which means one can decorate freely without too much worry that it would clash with the interior. Wedding packages for 2022 start at RM 999 net with a minimum booking of 45 tables, making this venue one of the most affordable around the Klang Valley.

13. Rong Cuisine, Quayside Mall (Non-Halal)

Rong Cuisine at Quay Side Mall
Source: Loon Sing group of restaurants

Less than 2 years in business, Rong Cuisine is a relatively new venue to the wedding scene. However, the same cannot be said of the Loon Sing Group which has over 40 years of catering for wedding dinners across their 7 outlets. With a columnless hall that sits a total of 80 tables, it can be split into 2 smaller venues. A minimum booking of 30 tables is required to secure this space. The banquet hall is fitted with an LED screen, standard sound system and lighting. For a fee of RM 2000, the restaurant will bring in professionals to manage all the above mentioned amenities. Pre-dinner cocktails menus are available and customisable. The use of a bridal room is also available. Wedding packages for 2023 are pending.

14. Yen @ W Kuala Lumpur (Pork-Free)

Yen at W Kuala Lumpur
Source: Yen W Kuala Lumpur, The Yum List

For an intimate upscale cantonese soiree, consider Yen at W Kuala Lumpur for your wedding reception. Bedecked with contemporary art, the interior is conspicuously Chinese. Because the restaurant is so vivaciously decorated, it does not take much to spruce up the place for a wedding. One can keep the additional decor to a minimum with a simple floral centrepiece or go wild using edgy looking proteas or amaranthus drip. Honestly, this venue would be your stylist’s dream canvas. The restaurant seats 80 persons in tables of 10. The use of a portable PA system and LED TV is available upon request. Wedding packages for a 5 course individual meal start at RM 358 nett per person and a minimum spend of RM 30,000 is required to close the restaurant for a private function. Dishes are pork free and ingredients are sourced from halal-certified suppliers. The advantages of choosing a hotel venue are the comfort of having a nice foyer, bridal room, parking and beautifully decorated venue. Furthermore, having the convenience of throwing an after-party at the WET deck of W Kuala Lumpur would be the cherry on the cake.

15. Jing Ze Contemporary Asian (Non-Halal)

Source: @jingze_restaurant (instagram)

Jing Ze Contemporary Asian is a neighbourhood restaurant located at Section 17 is the brainchild of Chef Nicholas Scorpion, an impressive man who has worked in over 9 cities. The interior is minimalistically Scandinavian and the menu is an ever-evolving fresh medley of Southeast Asian flavours, a treat for any wedding guests. The ground floor seats 50 persons in round tables and the mezzanine floor can cater for another 50 persons seated in family dining style. A screen and background music are available. However, a projector or portable sound system needs to be prepared by the customers themselves. Lunch or dinner can be served either in the form of a buffet of individual courses and is customisable. Cockages apply and are negotiable. A minimum spend of RM 8000 is required to close the restaurant for a private function.

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