Food Carts and Trucks For Weddings

Food trucks give us that cool, nostalgic feeling like no other. Whether it is an ice cream cart or your local ‘Lok Lok’ truck, they are sure to spice up your party. We can’t think of a more fun way to satisfy guests’ hunger. Hire one for your church ceremony, your home or an outdoor wedding – this is definitely something your guests will look forward to.

Food trucks seem to be going through a renaissance period of sorts in Malaysia, and you now have a wide variety of choices. Unless you already have your neighbourhood ice cream uncle or cendol guy in mind, here is a list of cool vendors in Klang Valley you can check out.

The Last Polka
The Last Polka is famous for their unique ice cream flavours like salted gula melaka, teh tarik and Guinness. Made with 100% natural ingredients, they combine creamy French-style ice cream with regional Asian flavours. Talk about adding a local feel to your wedding. We taste goodness already just thinking about it.

Rental Charge
Minimum Order Without freezer: 50 pax, With freezer: 100 pax
Starting Price RM7.20 per serving for regular flavours; RM9.20 per serving for premium flavours
Additional RM200-RM450 depending on freezer size. Customisation at client’s cost
Email icecream[at]
Contact Number +603 5612 8083
Contact Person May Yee
Facebook The Last Polka

The Last Polka. More Food Carts and Trucks For Weddings ideas at

The Royal Post was founded on the concept of delivering coffee to their clients’ doorstep, just like how a postman would deliver your mail. We especially love the black, white and red décor of the Royal Post truck. Can you imagine how thrilled your guests would be to have coffee and cakes served to them? A definite pleasure for any coffee lover, and especially necessary if you are getting your guests up for an early morning ceremony.

Rental Charge
Minimum Order 100 pax
Starting Price RM25 to 35 per pax
Email royalpost1698[at]
Contact Number +6016 263 8841
Contact Person Sam Lai
Facebook Royal Post

The Royal Post truck. More Food Carts and Trucks For Weddings ideas at

The Royal Post truck. More Food Carts and Trucks For Weddings ideas at

Forty Licks, because one lick just isn’t enough. Forty Licks pride themselves on their handmade ice cream using only the best ingredients – no additives or preservatives – to produce one of the creamiest and most decadent ice creams you will ever taste. With a minimum order, they will also provide you with a fridge to keep your ice cream in. Serve it in those small, adorable paper cups, or have your guests dig into the big tubs themselves!

Rental Charge
Starting Price RM600
Email info[at]
Contact Number +6018 383 1840 / +6012 254 9090
Contact Person Tat Wei
Facebook Forty Licks Ice Cream

Forty Licks Ice Cream. More Food Carts and Trucks For Weddings ideas at

Forty Licks Ice Cream. More Food Carts and Trucks For Weddings ideas at

Bring back memories of your childhood as you savour some ice cream potong, the Malaysian version of a popsicle. Every popsicle is handmade using only 100% fresh ingredients, with no preservatives and with a modern take on flavours. The best part? Once in a while, you get some local delights you will never be able to find elsewhere.

Rental Charge
Minimum Order 100 pax (RM150 charge if order is below 100 pax)
Starting Price RM450 to 500
Email thepotong[at]
Contact Number +6016 682 2221
Contact Person Ivan Lee
Facebook The Potong

The Potong. More Food Carts and Trucks For Weddings ideas at

A familiar sight at Pusat Bandar Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, The Humble Chef is popular among students and office crowds, and is famous for their lamb pita, spaghetti carbonara and lamb stuffed omelette. With the rise of unconventional weddings, this is perfect for a small wedding party or as an addition to a buffet line. Also ideal for an outdoor wedding underneath the stars with good food and great company.

Rental Charge
Minimum Order 50 pax
Starting Price RM10 to 15 per pax
Email nonzipper[at]
Contact Number +6014 229 6854
Contact Person Rosman

Commonly known as the ‘Lok Lok’ truck, Fat One Steamboat has a fleet of 500 trucks in the Klang Valley. In case you’ve forgotten, let us remind you of how fun it is when everyone stands around the truck and tucks into the wide range of food. Besides offering steamboat-style food, they also have barbequed goods.

Rental Charge
Starting Price RM800 for about 40 to 50 pax
Contact Number +6016 250 2663 / +6016 976 6623
Contact Person Yong
Facebook Fat One Steamboat

Fat One Steamboat. More Food Carts and Trucks For Weddings ideas at

It’s so common nowadays to have a Volkswagen Kombi for your bridal car, but no one would expect your Kombi to come with burgers. Their home-ground beef burgers, served from a converted Volkswagen Kombi, definitely shout retro. A must-try is their well-seasoned beef patty topped with melted mozzarella, cheddar cheese and crispy beef bacon. Not exactly sure if they do event, but try contacting them on Facebook if you are interested.

VolksBurgerKL. More Food Carts and Trucks For Weddings ideas at

Photo by Randall Wong

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