How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Have A Destination Wedding

Photo by Brian Ho of thegaleria.

Photo by Brian Ho of thegaleria.

Destination Wedding At Rayavadee Krabi by Brian Ho of thegaleria

Engaged couples are telling us that they wish they could have a destination wedding, but it’s been difficult to convince their parents. So we thought these points might help:

#01 Fuss free

Tell your parents you don’t want to go through the exhausting process of planning a big wedding, and that you just want to have a small, meaningful celebration in a beautiful place. Tell them it’s the modern thing to do; they won’t want to be called old-fashioned.

#02 Budget

The reception dinner costs almost the same, but you’ll get to save on décor. Plus you’ll have a smaller guest list. Be sure to mention all your pre- and post-wedding financial commitments.

#03 Quality time with the family

When was the last time the whole family got to go on holiday together?

#04 People that matter

It’s a great opportunity for your parents to get to know your closest friends, and vice versa.

#05 Transportation

Works best if your destination of choice has an easily accessible airport. Driving into the city usually takes an hour or two anyway, and this will be easier for guests who are flying in from out of town.

#06 It’s your wedding

At the end of the day, parents just want their children to be happy, so tell yours how much you really want this. Most parents these days are more open-minded anyway.

#07 Trump card

You can still have a small dinner reception for your parents if they insist. No fuss, no décor, just have everyone turn up for some good food and drink. It won’t cost you much, especially if you don’t invite your friends.

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