RSVPs: What Your Guests Need To Know

RSVPs: What Your Guests Need To Know

It is frustrating how some people do not RSVP. Yes, you are busy but so is everyone else, including the bridal couple who is trying to juggle work and wedding planning. If you really cannot confirm for whatever reason, at least let them know and tell them when you will be able to revert.

Food usually amounts to half of the total wedding cost. Generally, a quarter of the original guest list will be unable to make it and if all of them did not RSVP, it’s thousands of dollars wasted because people were inconsiderate (Example MYR150 x 50 guests = MYR7,500). That money could be the difference between a mediocre wedding photographer and the couple’s dream photographer. We’ve seen brides forego their dream wedding dress or venue just so they could invite more guests, so the least you can do is honour them with an RSVP.

Not to mention the time involved in preparing the guest list, writing the cards and sending them out. Now they have to call each of you again. Imagine 100 guests have not RSVP their attendance and the couple has to call each them, this will take up 500 minutes of their time (which is more than 8 hours of their time).

Once you’ve received your invitation, RSVP as soon as you can, and once you do, make sure you don’t forget about it or make other plans on the day. If you have to, place it somewhere conspicuous, set a reminder or arrange to car pool so your friends will also be able to remind you.

Don’t bring uninvited guests along as that will totally mess up the seating arrangements. If you really want to bring a plus one, check with the bride or groom beforehand. Ditto if you’re bringing a toddler who will require a high chair – they take up more space than you realise.

Have you ever wondered why some people give angpows/gifts even though they couldn’t attend the wedding? It makes a lot of sense, as the bridal couple would have already reserved you a seat. Even if you did RSVP early, an angpow or a gift is a sign of your friendship and respect.

Guest lists often lead to fights between the bridal couple, and a simple email or SMS from you could save your buddy from a heated discussion. So be that responsible and considerate wedding guest – make the bridal couple’s wedding planning a little easier by sending in your RSVP.

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