How To Pick Your Best Man?


The Best Man is typically a brother, relative or best friend of the groom. He has the groom’s best interests at heart and is leader of the groomsmen. The Best Man has three distinct responsibilities: the stag night, the ring and the speech. Besides that, the he should keep an eye out for potential mishaps before and during the wedding, and be prepared to assist the bride and groom.

Best Man or Best Person?

Traditionally, the Best Man or Person is a male. If your best friend happens to be a women or your sister, you may find yourself wondering if said role can be carried out by a woman. The answer is: Yes! There is no hard and fast rule on how to address the female troop leader, some may go with the term Best Person or Best Lady.

Here Are Some Tips For Selecting Your Best Man:

#01 Family First 

Looking within you family is a great way to start. However, if you and your siblings are not in the best terms, don’t feel obliged to pick him or her as your Best Person. It is a meaningful gesture to enlist their assistance in other significant roles for the ceremony or reception.

#02 Your BFF 

For some of you, there is no qualm as to who will be your Best Person. You have a best friend that has your best interest at heart. If you have already decided on having your BFF as your Best Person, the following tips would highlight certain things that may require your attention to avoid potentially compromising this special relationship. 

#03 Responsible and Dependable

Have a few close friends and have difficulty picking one over the other? Consider the responsibilities of a Best Person; choose someone you can rely on to carry out the responsibilities of a Best Person. He will have to plan the bachelor’s party, keep the groomsmen in line and deliver the speech. Ideally, he should be a helpful person who will look out also for the bridal party and to provide help when it is needed. Furthermore, he may need to make decisions on your behalf when issues pop out during the wedding so as you’ll get to enjoy your big day. 

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#04 Support System

As Best Person, he or she is your go-to person for emotional support. It is universally known that wedding planning will stretch the relationship you have with your fiancé. Unless you’re gonna agree on everything your bride wants for the wedding, you’ll need someone to keep you level headed long before the actual day arrives.

#05 A Well-Liked Personality 

A great personality and a well-liked person will be able to keep the whole groom’s entourage aligned. Consider the whole dynamics of the party when selecting your Best Person. He or she will be playing hostess at your bachelor party so a naturally outgoing personality would be perfect. However, if this is not an area of strength for him or her, enlist another friend to help out your Best Man.

#06 Consider Finances 

Being included in a bridal party may be costly, be mindful of your Best Man’s financially standing. Naturally, he or she will be expected to chip in more than the rest of the groomsmen. Make sure you run this over him/ her before making them official. If they are in a financially tight spot, consider keeping things simple – going to a game together or organise a BBQ get-together at home.

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