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7 Ways To Announce Your Engagement


Congratulations! Now that you’re engaged, your next move would be share the news with your closest and dearest. Announcing an engagement is one of the most thrilling moments for couples. It’s all about sharing your joy in creative and memorable ways. Here are seven engaging ideas for announcing your engagement, whether you’re drawn to private announcements or public ones, these ideas are tailored to add a bit of flair and excitement to your big news:

Customised Puzzle Piece Announcement

Send out a puzzle piece to your family and friends with a hidden message about your engagement. Once assembled, it reveals a photo of the two of you and the big news. This adds an element of fun and interaction to your announcement.

Themed Photo Series

Release a series of themed photos on social media that hint at your journey together leading to the engagement. You could include photos from significant dates, travels, or everyday adventures, culminating in the engagement shot.

Pet Parade

If you have a pet, let them announce the news! Dress them up with a sign that says “My humans are getting hitched!” This is not only adorable but also highly shareable on social media.

Custom Latte Art

Collaborate with a local café to create a custom latte art, using chocolate syrup that spells out “She said yes” or “Engaged”. Invite your friends for a coffee catch-up and surprise them with the news as coffee gets served. If your friends are arriving at different times, get your barista to reserve the custom latte art for the last coffee order.

Dinner Party

Throw a chic party. Midway through the event, surprise your guests with a toast and your engagement announcement. This turns your news into a memorable celebration with loved ones.

Mailed Announcement

Send out an e-mail to friends and family. This can be a fun and surprising way to announce your engagement. Especially if they stumble upon the email on Monday morning, what a way to deal with ‘Monday blues’!

Message From Abroad

Got engaged while travelling? Send your family and friends news of the proposal via postcard. They should arrive by the time you get home. Just in time for a get-together and celebration with the whole gang.

These 7 ideas offer a range of personal, whimsical, and memorable ways to announce your engagement, catering to different tastes and personality.

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