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Like bridesmaids, groomsmen usually pay for their own attire on your wedding day. Most men will have their own suit anyway. If you have a bizarre colour theme, though, it might be a good idea to pay for their ties. Since it is highly unlikely that they will buy a red polka dot tie for their own use, for example.

To show some gratitude to your groomsmen, buy them gifts. You don’t have to get them Rolex watches – unless your budget allows it, then why not? – but don’t be cheap as well. That means the $10 gift card from the local bookstore is out of the question. Instead, here are some tips:

For him only

Guy stuff like Swiss army knives, whiskey stones or cigars, are always nice. A cool example is this one groom who bought personalised silver flasks for each of his groomsmen, and filled it with their favourite beverage.

Make it personal

Get your groomsmen something personalised with their names or initials on it. The gift can also symbolise the end of your bachelor days. And trust us, they’ll know if your fiancée was the one who chose the gift.

It doesn’t have to be physical

Vouchers or gift certificates for a personal training session at a mixed martial arts gym, or shooting lessons at your local shooting club are also great ideas.

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