10 Common Wedding Hiccups And How To Deal With Them

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#01 Guest’s name not on the guest list

Seat them at the extra table, and check with the bride and groom to see if their names might have been written differently. Wait till the place is filled up, and assign them to the tables that are half empty. If it is just one person, the alternative is to fit him/her into a table of 10. It is fine to have 11 at a table.

#02 Guest brought a partner not on the guest list

It may be a partner or their children. Again, assign them to the extra table. Or fit them into a table that is half full.

#03 Forgotten rings

There is no other way but to go back and get it. Get the emcee to entertain the crowd while stalling for time, and send your most trusted friend to get the rings. Start the ceremony once your friend has the rings in hand – don’t wait for the rings to arrive. If it is a church ceremony, there should be time enough for the rings to arrive before the couple has to exchange rings. No one needs to know.

#04 Broken high heels

This is why you should always have an alternative pair of shoes in the car or room. If your dress is long enough to cover your shoes, you could even wear something comfortable instead.

#05 Dinner banquet mishap

If you or your guests experience food poisoning, electricity issues, bad service or anything of the like, ask for a discount or some sort of reimbursement.

#06 Holes in pants / dress

This is where safety pins come in really handy. Or, if it really isn’t salvageable, mend it on the spot.

#07 Flowergirl or pageboy crying down the aisle

Laugh it off. Your guests will understand that kids sometimes have tantrums, so don’t get too upset about it.

#08 Drunk friends making a scene

Get someone to remove them quietly. This is why you shouldn’t start serving alcohol too early on – some of your guests might get rowdy.

#09 Mother-in-law wearing dress of the same colour

If you find out early, just ask her nicely to pick a different coloured dress. To avoid this problem completely, go shopping together. Alternatively, you can simply wear your wedding gown all day.

#10 Crying at your wedding

When you can’t control your emotions and the tears start flowing, take a deep breath and look upwards so that your tears don’t smear your makeup. Have tissues on hand and use them to dab gently beneath your eyes.

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