15 Questions To Ask A Wedding Caterer


Hiring a caterer for your wedding is a big decision that can significantly influence the overall experience of your special day. To ensure you make the right choice, it’s crucial to ask potential caterers several key questions before making a commitment. Here are some essential questions to help you get started:

  1. Availability: Is the caterer available on your wedding date? Do they have any other bookings that day?
  2. Experience and References: Can they provide references from previous weddings they’ve catered? What experience do they have with weddings of your size and style?
  3. Licensing: Are they licensed? Do they have Halal certification? (optional)
  4. Menu Options: What menu options do they offer? Buffet? Family-style? Plated meals? Are the menus customisable? Will the food be made off-site or on-site? Do they offer desserts? Can they accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies? Can they handle last minute requests and how far in advance should finalised menu, headcount and special requests be confirmed?
  5. Tasting: Do they offer a tasting session before you finalise the menu? Take note of the portion size, if a certain type of food will be not taste good unless otherwise served hot and how the food is plated. This is crucial to ensure the food meets your expectations.
  6. Service and Staffing: Will there be a banquet manager and can a meeting with him/her be set up ahead of time? How many staff members will be provided? What is the ratio of servers to guests? Also, inquire about the attire of the staff.
  7. Beverage Service: Do they provide alcohol, or do you need to handle the bar separately? Can they prepare the glassware for the champagne tower? Can they help to serve champagne during the toast? If they do offer it, ask about options and pricing.
  8. Cost and Payment: What is the cost per person? What is included in that cost? Ask for a detailed breakdown, including any additional fees.
  9. Rental Equipment: Do they provide tables, chairs, linens, and dinnerware, or will you need to rent these separately and what colour or style of linen do they have? Will the staff handle setting place cards and menus, if desired?
  10. Setup and Cleanup: How will the setup and cleanup be handled? Is this included in the price?
  11. Leftover Policy: What is their policy on leftovers? Can you take them home, or will they be donated?
  12. Coordination with Venue: How do they coordinate with the venue? Have they worked at your venue before? Are the amenities on-site adequate? TIP: Not all venues have a full-functioning kitchen.
  13. Emergency Plan: What is their backup plan in case of an emergency? How do they handle unforeseen circumstances?
  14. Contract Details: Can they provide a detailed contract outlining all services, costs, and policies? What is the cancellation policy?
  15. Payment Schedule: What is their payment schedule? What is the amount of the deposit due to hold the desired date, and when will the remainder be due? What forms of payment do they accept?

By asking these questions, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of what each caterer can offer and how they operate, helping you to choose the one that best fits your wedding’s needs and your personal preferences. Remember, the goal is to find a caterer who not only provides delicious food but also contributes to the smooth and successful execution of your big day.

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