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5 Wedding Trends From the Covid Era That is Here To Stay


If the covid pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that humans are adaptable. The same can be said of the wedding industry. Many vendors were forced to pivot and traditions have been challenged. The silver lining is that we have learned to prioritise what is important in the midst of all the fluff. Weddings are after all a celebration of union and love. We believe as a result of this re-evaluation, some trends are here to stay and we are loving it. 

#01 Live Streaming

Source: An Unconventional Rustic & Black Wedding at Sekeping Jugra

Source: A Bohemian Chic Lockdown Wedding At Home

It’s crazy to think how flying used to be the only answer for those wishing to attend a wedding abroad. Live stream your event for the benefit of guests who aren’t able to physically attend your wedding. You can get a professional videographer to do the job too. Emotions can be captured clearly which means your guests will get an up close and personal view of everything that’s going on. 

#02 Do It At Home

Source: An Elegant Backyard Garden Wedding

Backyard weddings are a common thing in the western world but not so much in Asia. Here at TWN, we have always relished the idea of a cosy and warm wedding at home. Not to mention, the home is a significant place. To grow up in a beautiful home and to mark the start of a new phase in life with a wedding at home is beyond magical. Likewise, having a wedding in a new home is a pre-eminent start for a lifetime of milestones and memories that are to come. See also: 10 backyard weddings hosted by TWN couples in the past.

#03 Keep it Intimate

No matter which option you choose, it’s best to keep your guest list as short as possible. If you’re not sure how to go about trimming the list, here’s a good guide. This is a great opportunity to think about who you really want to be a part of your wedding – with the exception of the elderly, of course. You could even do a short getaway with just both sets of parents (below), have a breakfast picnic with your (small) bridal party, or take a short drive or ferry ride to an island near you.

#04 Take It Outdoors

Source: An Intimate Family Affair at NungNung Bali

Source: An Ethereal Waterfall Ceremony at Kanching Falls, Rawang

Outdoor weddings have always been shunned in the tropics due to the unpredictable weather and heat. Thanks to covid, many were forced to take the risk of an outdoor weddings or find alternative venues in order to maintain social distancing and the result is just simply delightful. 

#05 Elope!

Or… you could totally elope! With the rising cost of living, not everyone is able to afford to throw an extravagant affair. Why should you hold off plans of a wedding due to money? Take a trip somewhere and with one fell swoop – get hitch and extend your stay for a honeymoon. It’ll be no less special. You could keep it a secret or perhaps keep it between your immediate family and close friends. 

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