7 Dates People Should Not Have Their Wedding on


Think of when you would like to spend your anniversary every year. We imagine your anniversary would be a great excuse for a short holiday, a quiet dinner and some quality time together. It should be during a relatively quiet month that isn’t too busy for you, and that includes your work peak periods.

Setting a wedding date is difficult enough, and it doesn’t help that everyone has an opinion about auspicious dates. However, you should avoid the following dates, not least because festive periods carry a totally different mood. Besides, the last thing you want is to make attending your wedding a chore for your guests or helpers. What do you think?

1. Popular Dates

While it’s nice to have a number that is easy to remember, like 01052015, we wouldn’t go for a date like that because there will probably be a few weddings happening on the same day. That means venues will be harder to get, vendors will be booked out, and your friends might have to choose between two weddings. Instead, pick a date that is significant only to the two of you.

2. New Year’s Eve

Your friends will probably want to party, making your wedding seem like a party pooper. Worse, you might be obliged to invite more friends in your circle than you would like becauseeveryone else is invited to your wedding. Avoid New Year’s Day as well – lots of people might be recovering from a hangover.

3. Christmas’ Eve

Again, your friends might prefer to party or spend time with family, and they might also not have much money left for your angpow/gift after spending a fortune on Christmas shopping. Neither would your helpers appreciate the Christmas traffic jams in town as they help you organise and plan your big day.

4. Valentines Day

Your anniversary should be a chance to spend time together quietly celebrating. You don’t want to struggle to get a dinner reservation and buy flowers at double the usual price! It’s not romantic, and it can also be quite frustrating.

5. Your Birthday

Your birthday should be all about you! Be selfish, and keep this day all to yourself. Also, having your anniversary and birthday on the same date just means one less gift… for you!

6. A Long Weekend

We’ve always felt that your wedding should not get in the way of other people’s plans. Your wedding is a one-day event, and there really is no need for you to take up a long weekend. Remember how precious annual leave is? The only exception is if you have a lot of guests from overseas who will need the extra days for travelling to your wedding.

7. The Rainy Season

The end of the year is peak season for weddings, and we can never understand why when it is the rainy season. Photographers and vendors are also busier, making it harder for you to get the vendors that you like. Don’t compete with everyone else; consider getting married at the beginning of the year instead. When vendors are less busy, they will have more time and energy to devote to your wedding.

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