How Many Guest To Invite To Your Wedding?


“How many people to invite to my wedding?” It’s a question that every couple grapples with when planning their big day. Deciding on your guest list is one of the first tasks to tackle. Why? Because the number of guests impacts almost every aspect of your wedding planning. Guests cost money, and venues have limits on how many people they can accommodate. Add in the input from family, and the whole process can start to feel a bit overwhelming.

How Much Does an Average Couple Spent on Their Wedding?

The wedding budget is the cornerstone of your planning process and the biggest determining factor for the number of people to invite. In Malaysia, the average budget for weddings in Malaysia ranges from RM50,000 to RM100,000. Understanding this budget will help you decide the scale of your event.

How Many Guest the Average Couple Invited to their Wedding?

To give you a sense of scale, Malay weddings typically host around 1,000 guests in a ‘come and go’ buffet banquet style, accommodating the community and extended family. Chinese and Indian weddings tend to be more intimate, averaging around 300 guests. These figures can serve as a helpful starting point for your guest list conversations. Nevertheless, more and more couples are opting for a more intimate celebration to reflect their views on embracing a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Step by Step Guide to the Number of Guest to Invite

Here are some steps to guide you through this process:

Step 1: Determine Your Wedding Budget

Before anything else, sit down and decide on your overall wedding budget. This will help you understand how many guests you can afford to invite. Remember, each additional guest adds to your overall expenses – from food and drinks to favours and invitation.

Step 2: Consider Venue Capacity

Next, think about your dream venue. The capacity of your venue will place a hard limit on the number of guests you can invite. Make sure your venue can comfortably accommodate your guest list. It’s crucial to balance the venue size with your budget to avoid overspending.

On average, venue and catering takes up 50% of the total budget. If you have a total budget of RM80,000 and would like a 4 star hotel reception in Kuala Lumpur (which cost approximately RM350 per guest), you would be able to invite 115 guest to your event. Of course, adjustments can be made to the budget based on priorities, but you get the overall idea!

Step 3: Discuss Expectations with Parents and In-Laws

In Asia, it is common for parents to contribute significantly to their children’s wedding fund. Therefore, it’s important to discuss their expectations regarding the guest list. They may have specific friends and relatives they wish to invite. Remember, they are as excited as you are about the big day, and their input can be invaluable.

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Step 4: Make Your Lists

Start by creating a list of all the guests you absolutely must invite. This typically includes close family members and friends. Following this, make a list of ‘maybe’ guests. These are people you would like to invite if your budget and venue allow – friends you don’t see as often, co-workers, and extended family.

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Creating a guest list can seem daunting, but by breaking it down into manageable steps and considering key factors like your budget and venue capacity, you can simplify the process. Start with a clear understanding of your financial limits, take into account your venue’s size, and ensure open communication with your families. With these tips in mind, you can craft a guest list that ensures a memorable and enjoyable wedding day for everyone involved. Happy planning!

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