The Meaning Of The Marriage Vow

J. Allan Petersen, who wrote extensively about marriage, said:

The Meaning Of The Marriage Vow – J. Allan Petersen's quote

It is important that in the midst of planning your wedding, you do not forget the sacredness and real meaning behind it. Your marriage vows carry much more weight than just words. It is a shame how many say it without even wanting to understand what it means, because if they did, they would enter this union called marriage a little bit more prepared.

#01 For better for worse
We cannot enter marriage with the hope that everything will get better, because then the question becomes what if it doesn’t get better? It means that even when things get worse, you will still choose to love.

#02 For richer for poorer
Richer and poorer both come with their own sets of problems. Every good wife wants her husband to do well and excel, but they aren’t always ready for the longer working hours and maybe late nights. People also change in terms of their lifestyle and their plans when they get rich. On the other hand, financial pressures can put a huge strain on a marriage.

#03 In sickness and in health
When people get married, they are usually young and healthy, and they assume that isn’t going to change for a while. But anything can happen in a year, or maybe even a day or week after the wedding. When you say this vow, you are saying that even if your spouse is sick, you will be there to care for them and love them.

#04 To love and to cherish till death do us apart
“Till death do us apart” is a lifetime commitment. It means that even when everything goes wrong, you will still be there.

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