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What to Look Out For During Your Wedding Venue Visit?


When conducting a wedding venue recce (reconnaissance), it’s essential to pay attention to several key factors to ensure that the venue aligns with your vision and requirements for the big day. Here’s a wedding venue recce guide on selecting the perfect location.


Evaluate the venue’s accessibility for you and your guests, considering factors such as proximity to major roads, public transportation options, and parking availability

Setting and Ambiance

Assess the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the venue, including its aesthetic appeal, landscaping, and architectural features. Consider whether it reflects the style and theme of your wedding. This is your chance to also estimate how much decor the venue will need for you to achieve a desired look.

Capacity and Layout

Determine if the venue can accommodate your desired guest count comfortably. Pay attention to the layout of the event spaces, including options for ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, and any additional areas you may require.

Facilities and Amenities

Take note of the facilities and amenities offered by the venue, such as bridal suites, groomsmen lounges, restrooms, and catering facilities. Ensure that they meet your needs and preferences. When considering a non-hotel venue, make sure to take note of the number of washrooms available and whether additional restrooms may be required, especially for larger guest counts. The ideal ratio should be one restroom for every 50 guests, with more restrooms allocated for women if possible.

Catering Options

Inquire about catering options available at the venue, including menus, beverage packages, and dietary accommodations. Schedule a tasting session if possible to sample the food quality and presentation. If you plan to cater from a third party, check whether the venue has a full-functioning kitchen or just a prep area. Ensure that the facilities can accommodate your catering needs and any specific requirements, you can do this by simply asking your caterer.

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Vendor Policy

Clarify the venue’s policies regarding external vendors, including photographers, florists, decorators, and entertainment providers. Ensure that you have the flexibility to work with your preferred vendors if desired.

Logistics and Setup

Consider logistical aspects such as setup and teardown times, access for deliveries, and any restrictions or limitations that may impact your wedding plans.

Technical Support

If you plan to incorporate audiovisual elements into your wedding, inquire about the venue’s technical capabilities and support services, including sound systems, lighting, and projection equipment.

Weather Contingency Plans

If you’re considering an outdoor wedding, discuss contingency plans with the venue in case of inclement weather. Ensure that there are suitable indoor alternatives available if needed.

Budget and Contracts

Review the venue’s pricing structure, packages, and payment terms carefully to ensure they align with your budget and financial expectations. Thoroughly read and understand the terms outlined in the contract before signing.

Reviews and Testimonials

Research online reviews and testimonials from previous couples who have hosted their weddings at the venue. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the venue’s quality of service and customer satisfaction.

By paying attention to these key factors during your wedding venue recce, you can make an informed decision and choose a venue that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your special day.

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