A Blend of Tradition and Modernity at AYANA Bali


At the AYANA Resort, known for its plush comforts and breathtaking vistas, Wikki and Michelle embarked on their forever journey with a celebration that intertwined rich tradition with contemporary elegance.

The morning air at AYANA was crisp with excitement as guests arrived, the space already pulsing with the vibrant energy of an Indian wedding. As the traditional rites commenced, Michelle, adorned in a modern sari, was a vision to behold. Her attire was a symphony of tradition and modernity, with every fold of the fabric telling a story of cultural pride. The sari draped her like a second skin, while the glint of diamante accessories added a celestial glow to her bridal beauty. Wikki, her counterpart, mirrored her elegance with his princely demeanor, his ensemble speaking volumes of the grandeur of Indian heritage.

The ceremony was a vibrant mélange of ancient customs and familial joy. Amidst the blooms that adorned the open-air pavilion, the couple took their sacred vows, promising each other a lifetime of togetherness in the presence of their loved ones and the benevolent Balinese sun.

As the day ebbed into evening, the venue transformed, as if by a wave of a wand, into a modern Eden. The traditional brights gave way to a palette of pristine whites and deep blues, the garden itself seeming to have been touched by the night sky. Crystal chandeliers, suspended like stars in the firmament, cast a soft, romantic glow over the celebration.

Michelle, now in a classic white bridal gown, was the epitome of elegance. Wikki, dashing in a tuxedo, stood by her side, the very picture of the modern groom. The evening’s celebration was a crescendo of laughter, music, and dance. The air was thick with the scent of flowers and the sound of melodies that crossed cultures and continents. As the couple took to the dance floor, the world seemed to pause, the chandeliers above them catching the sparkle in their eyes.

The festivities climax as guests head to the dance floor. As the night wound down, and the guests bid their adieus, the air was still warm with the glow of the day’s festivities. The couple shared an intimate moment as the skies burst alit with fireworks, a fitting docket to end the night.

Vendor Spotlight:

Venue: AYANA Resort & Spa Bali

Photographer: AXIOO Bali (by William Lie)

Videography: AXIOO (by Dimar Brata)

Wedding Planner: Riviera Event Organizer

Decorator: Sweetbella Project

Florist: Sweetbella Project

Bridal Gown: Christie Basil

Bride’s Traditional Attire: Moksha (India)

Bridal Shoes: Cava Prive

Hair and Makeup Artist: Cempaka Van Der Hulst, Lakshmi Makeup Bridal, Fie Wulan Hair 

Hair Accessories: Tia Accessories (Dubai), Cloverdale

Groom’s Attire: Wong Hang

Groom’s Traditional Attire: Moksha (India)

Wedding Cake: Sugar Legacy Bali

Stationary / Invitation: Earth Wind and Water

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