A Ceremoniously Vibrant Balinese Wedding at Villa Ambalama, Bali


In the embrace of Bali’s lush landscapes, Kazuhisa and Yuriko celebrated their love with a wedding that was a vibrant tapestry of culture, color, and tradition. A wedding with an invitation into a world where every detail was an ode to the island’s rich traditions.

Their venue choice was twofold in significance: Bali was a golden thread in Yuriko’s childhood, woven into over twenty cherished family trips. Now, as an event planner from Tokyo with an eye on Bali’s emerging market, Yumiko saw the nuptials as a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with the land that held a special place in her heart. The couple selected an extraordinary private villa, prioritizing a space ripe for creativity to gather their 21 guest.

Their day began with an intimate garden ceremony, a purification rite nestled amongst verdant greenery. They stood beneath an intricately crafted Balinese ‘Penjor’—an arched bamboo pole decorated with coconut leaves—signifying prosperity and blessings. The couple, adorned in traditional Balinese wedding attire, were a vision of elegance and cultural pride. Kazu’s attire comprised a ‘Payas Agung’, usually reserved for the royals of Bali, complete with a striking headpiece, ‘Udeng’, and a ‘Kris’ at his side—a symbol of valor and heroism. Yumiko, draped in a ‘Kebaya’ of delicate lace, her head graced by a golden ‘Gelungan’, radiated the grace of a Balinese princess, her ensemble completed with golden ‘Prada’ cloth and elaborate jewelry, each piece steeped in symbolic meaning.

The theme, “Condensing the Charm of Bali into One Day,” was a heartfelt endeavor to capture the essence of the island, as most guests were first-timers with limited stays. The entire wedding—attire, cuisine, ambiance, entertainment—was a distilled essence of Balinese culture, offering guests a rich, immersive experience of the island’s treasures.

The ceremony was intimate, sacred moments shared with family and close friends, as the ‘Pemangku’—a Balinese priest—led them through a series of age-old rituals, their hands joined over offerings to the divine. These offerings, ‘Banten’, were a colorful array of flowers, fruits, and rice, a quintessential part of Balinese Hindu ceremonies, meant to appease the gods and acquire their blessings.

As the sun began to lower its gaze, the celebration transitioned to an exuberant dinner. Tables were dressed in vibrant hues that mirrored the Balinese sunset, with gold flatware adding a touch of luxury to the otherwise rustic setup. The tableware was a curated collection of local craftsmanship, the orange-tinted glasses and woven chargers lending an organic touch to the fine dining experience.

The menu, a love letter to the rich culinary heritage of the region, promised a gastronomic journey through local flavors, with a nod to contemporary tastes. Each place setting was a meticulous arrangement that included a personalized touch—caricature drawings of each guest on their place cards.

As evening set in, the ambiance shifted to the resonant sounds of the ‘Gamelan’, a traditional ensemble, providing a soundtrack that was both spiritual and celebratory. Guests were treated to a spectacle of Balinese dance and the dramatic flair of a fire dance as they lounge on lawn mats and savour local delicacies.

The day was peppered with unforgettable moments, but perhaps the most striking was the sight of every guest adorned in traditional Balinese bridal attire. This choice may have been a novel spectacle for locals, but it afforded a unique and deeply cherished experience. For Kazi, Yumiko, their families, and friends, it wasn’t just a day to remember—it was a day that interlaced their narratives into the cultural fabric of Bali, a place that, for them, is drenched in nostalgia, professional vision, and the joyous celebration of love.

Vendor Highlight:

Venue: Villa Ambalama Bali

Photographer: Fire, Wood, Earth

Videographer: Fire, Wood, Earth

Planner: Wedding Mood (Special thanks to Henny & Jasmin)


Bridal Gown (2): Shoji Tadashi

Bridal Shoes: ZARA

Jewelry: mayglobe_by_tribaluxe


Groom’s Shoes: ZARA

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