A Hydrangeas-Filled Grand Wedding in Sarawak

In a serendipitous encounter, Titus and Rachel’s worlds collided, and the chemistry between them was undeniable from the start. Titus was mesmerised by Rachel’s big, expressive eyes and warm-hearted nature, while she found herself enchanted by his endearing silliness and love for snacks. It felt as if the universe had aligned to bring them together at the right time. When they unexpectedly crossed paths once more, Titus took the chance to ask for Rachel’s number, and that small gesture changed everything. From that moment on, their love story began to blossom, filled with laughter, shared snacks, and a deep bond, creating a sweet history written by destiny’s guiding hand.

In February 2022, Titus surprised Rachel with a grand proposal during their stay at One & Only Resort, Desaru and thus began their plans for a big wedding. Right away, the pair knew that they were going to throw their reception in Sibu, Sarawak as this is where both their families reside. To carry out their plans for a reception of behemoth proportions, the couple hired PeakXperience to pull out all the stops for an unprecedented celebration. “We’ve been to 5 other weddings where PeakXperience was the wedding planner and therefore we had a good idea of what to expect.” shared the couple.

The bride and groom envisioned an elegant, ethereal, forestry aesthetic brimming with hydrangeas. “We were a little nervous about the logistics because this was the first time PeakXperience had planned a wedding in Sibu but they hit it out of the park,” recalled the couple. The planners and their crew transformed the reception space within 48 hours. Props had to be shipped from the peninsula, hydrangeas flown in from 3 different countries, these were just some of the logistic challenges they faced. To accommodate their guest number of 1800 at RH hotel in Sibu. The celebration was split into over 2 days over 3 separate receptions, which meant that the planners had to figure out a way to keep the live blooms looking fresh through the back-to-back event.

Another focal point of the couple’s fête? Guests were treated to special performances by a full orchestra -Prodigy, formed by over 50 musicians from across Malaysia and local singer Priscilla Abby. Hosting the reception was Yan Jianghan and Xu Zhengru, who charmed everyone with their wit and remarkable chemistry. One week before the reception was to take place, the couple decided to perform a duet. And although this decision piled on additional pressure to the wedding repertoire, the couple said that looking back, they did enjoy themselves in spite of everything. “We’re amazed at how fast everything went, and often reflect and reminisce about our wedding day.” concluded Titus.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Planner: PeakXexperience
Decorator: Peakeventsmy
Photographer: @minsstudio @hongthai @manyong_mins
Videographer: @kenchan_production
Make up artist: @bao_934913 @vena_4931
Bespoke gown: @bycelineooi
Bridal shoes: Valentino
Groom’s outfit: Tomford
Groom’s shoes: Tomford
Bridesmaid dresses: @doublewoot
Engagement ring: Tiffany and co
Wedding rings: Harry Winston
Gold jewellery: @chowtaifookjewellery

RH Hotel Reception

Planner: PeakXexperience
Decorator: @peakeventsmy
Logo and invitation: @kartoe_sg
Photographer: @minsstudio @hongthai @manyong_mins
Videographer: @kenchan_production
Makeup artist: @bao_934913 @vena_4931
Main bridal gown: @zuhairmuradofficial
Subsequent bridal gowns: Bespoke by @bycelineooi, @nicolefeliciacouture, @theivorybridal
Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom’s outfit: Tomford
Groom’s shoes: Tomford
Masters of Ceremony: @jianghan.my @zhenru_xu
Screen animation: @mdeventsasia
Entertainment: Orchestra by Prodigy Music, @priscillaabbychai
Beer supply: Sarawak 1602 craft beer
Food stall vendors: red bean ice, xingfutang, apam balik, kampua noodles

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