A Picnic-Style Wedding amongst the Wildflower Fields of Đà Lạt, Vietnam


Let’s embark on the romantic journey of Trang and Đại, a tale that blossomed from the modern alleys of social media to the tranquil embrace of Đà Lạt’s forest allure. Trang and Đại’s quest to locate the perfect venue found solace in the enchanting wildflower fields of Blue Mountain Farm. For Trang, a city dweller, the yearning for nature’s whisper was an unacquainted desire. The wedding was to be an escapade for their loved ones from the hustle of Hà Nội to the serenity of Đà Lạt.

In the tranquility of anticipation, Đại penned his thoughts to Trang before setting off to fetch his bride. While the bride adorned in a satin slip dress, and her bridesmaids in matching satin sets, got ready together in a slur of anticipation. Embracing her silhouette, Trang donned a romantic Milla Nova lace gown featuring miniture florals, paired with a matching veil. Her bridesmaids mirrored the earthy tones of the setting in silk dresses, while Đại looked very accurately put together, in his beige double breasted suit and favourite timepiece.

The couple enlisted decorators-Royal Swans, who wove a palette of viridian greens and spring pastels into their picnic-inspired wedding. They brought the bride’s dream to life by intertwining carefully chosen details into the stationary, and floral arrangements and decor. Surrounded by nature’s tapestry, Trang and Đại vowed eternal companionship, witnessed by 45 of their closest family and friends.

As the melodies of Calum Scott & Leona Lewis filled the air, Trang’s father guided her through the threshold towards her new beginning. The ceremony unfolded as guests lounged picnic-style among the wild daisies, Trang’s florid favourites.

Post vows, the revelry transitioned into a greenhouse realm, where the ceilings dripped with floral strands. The dinner tableau, a single verdant stretch, was an ensemble of baby’s breath meadows, daisy centrepieces, golden accents, and daisy prints on ghost chairs where Vietnamese fusion gastronomy tantalised palates, and heartfelt speeches tugged at heartstrings.The ambiance glowed with tender luminance as dusk sets.

A vanilla wedding cake, adorned with pressed wildflowers, became the centrepiece of a sweet culmination. Westlife’s tunes wove into the evening, and Bùi Công Nam’s live serenades gave way to the rhythmic beats of a friend-turned-DJ, as Trang and Đại’s wedding transpired into an idyllic festivity.

This is a wedding that emphasises that the crux of a celebration isn’t in the grandiose, but in the shared moments that resonate with the couple’s essence. When asked for suggestions on wedding planning, Trang and Đại shared In their own words: “Follow your heart, and things will naturally fall into the right place.”

Vendor Highlights:

Venue: Blue Mountain Farm, Đà Lạt, Vietnam

Photographer: Hipster Wedding

Videographer: Jacob Films

Wedding Planner: The F Lab

Decorator & Florist: Royal Swans

Bridal Gown: Milla Nova

Bridal Shoes: Amina Mauddi, Jimmy Choo

Bridal Hair and Makeup: Milo Mai Loan, Kyo Phan

Groom’s Attire: KILEE

Bridesmaid Dresses: XÉO XỌ

Catering: Sam Dining

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