A Twilight-Inspired Woodland Wedding At Laman Gaharu Emas


The deep green hues of over 1000 of magnificent agarwood trees dotted this property contrasted the pastel decor and became witness to the union of two hearts. In an era where more and more couples are choosing their wedding venues based on aesthetics, Laman Gaharu Emas, a bastion of forest weddings is having its moment.

Agarwood trees floored the locale, instantly setting a magical woodland atmosphere for their ceremony. Inspired by the wedding of Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin (stars of Crash Landing into You); the bride decided on a gorgeous colour palette, an array of soft pastel colours for the décor that completed the look. Dreamy white flowers strung overhead led to the altar amidst a grove of towering trees. A circular arch adorned with foraged leaves and pastel blooms played centrepiece to the ceremony space. Long wooden tables and benches arranged in viking style added to the cosiness and intimate feeling.

Ikah and Farhan have known each other since high school and been in a relationship spanning 10 years, their wedding is a carefully tailored event to realise dreams from their youthful days. “My dream wedding was based on the famous teenage movie franchise – Twilight. It really felt impossible at first. But as the years passed, it became obvious how much I wanted to make it a reality. I’ve been on the lookout for a venue with the right aesthetics for when the time came for me to get married. Laman Gaharu Emas caught my eyes last year and I knew this had to be the location for our reception.” says Ikah

‘’The smell of the fresh flowers brought everything to life. I remember how happy my father looked when I walked down the aisle, I saw people with tears and smiles. The moment will forever be etched in my mind.’’ recalls Ikah. “Having planned everything myself, I decided to hire an event coordinator to put my mind at ease knowing they would take care of everything during the actual day.”

When asked what advice she would give others planning their own wedding, Ikah responded. “One of the best ways to organise and communicate your ideas is to create a mood board that your vendors can refer to, to bring your vision to life. Do what you love for your wedding and I’m sure everyone can feel the love from the wedding. Start early, choose a theme and from there navigate planning with the budget we had, choosing vendors according to our needs. Although it’s easier said than done, try to remain calm throughout. And most importantly, enjoy the process!”

Venue | @lamangaharuemas

Event coordinator | @the.tmpo

Photographer | @_azizulazman

Videographer | @ohdawie & @naimfadhli_

Decorator | @firdausothmanndesign & @notjustdessert_

Bridesmaid’s Attire | @thymeless.my

Groomsmen’s Attire | @thymeless.my

Saxophonist | @farisaxo

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