An unconventional traditional wedding

An Unconventional Wedding Steep in Customs and Traditions


One may feel stifled by the need to keep traditions alive in Asian weddings and feel the lack of prerogative for self-expression. However, every now and then, we see couples embracing and interpreting traditions in their own ways. This wedding did just that, but the result was bewitching. Nicole and Sarvin met in medical school and have been seeing each other for over 12 years. “When I first left for medical school, I remember my dad telling me not to get a boyfriend. But I got together with Sarvin in the first year, and only introduced him to my father during the final year of school,” laughed Nicole.

Self-proclaimed geek who share the love of all things sci-fi and fantasy, Nicole had grand plans to go all themed out on their wedding day only to be reined in by a dear friend. Despite that, this meticulous bride included as much details of the couple’s love for Dr Who and Genshin Impact into this wedding. From their engagement rings and bands, to the colour of their traditional wear, gatecrashing games and dinner decor; geeky imprints were seen throughout. 

The wedding celebrations lasted over 2 days. Nicole looked flawless in her pink saree and natural makeup as she made her way to the Hindu temple for their first ceremony. And even though Sarvin was delayed by almost an hour having been caught in traffic brought by flooding and heavy rain, it did not show as he stepped out of his vehicle to unite with his bride at the temple. The couple shared a brief first look where Sarvin saw Nicole for the first time in a traditional saree, heavily adorned with matching jewellery and custom drawn henna gracing her hands. To help both families immerse in the customs of both the Chinese and Hindu culture, the bride made placards of the meaning behind each ceremonial step.  

When it came down to dressing the part, both sides readily embraced each other’s cultures. The bridal party in sarees and the groom’s family in Chinese traditional outfits for the tea ceremony. “The most memorable part of the day for me was the first look we shared. Due to the delay, I thought to call it off to catch up with our schedule. Thank goodness, our photographer: Alexis, and our friends urged me to carry on with the initial plan and I was glad we did. It was a special moment in the midst of a hectic day.” said Nicole. “The other thing that I will treasure always was when my dad said he was very happy to be able to call Sarvin his son. My father was not agreeable with our relationship at the start and I was surprised that he had taken to liking Sarvin so much.”

Without a wedding planner, this couple used excel spreadsheets to keep everything in check. They also received help from amazing friends to execute plans on their wedding day. Despite minor setbacks, they fully relished the day, as reflected in these brilliant photos. “I have long been an avid fan of The Wedding Notebook and have been checking it out since 4 years ago when I was hoping my now husband would propose. I used to read the articles and thought -wouldn’t it be nice if I get featured one day? So yes, I guess you could say this feels like a dream come true!” she laughed.

Reception Venue: The Grounds KL

Photographer: Alexis Fam Photography

Videographer: Pause Studios @thepausestudios 

Decorator: The Grounds KL

Reception Coordinator:

Bridal Saree: @nilasilksstudio, @pattushastra

Bridal Kua: My Dream Wedding Malaysia

Bridal dress: Dentelle Bridal

Groom’s Kurta: @bollyfashionklang

Live Band: @projectxproduction

Favour (Genshin cookie): @misa_bloom_sweets

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