Jessicacindy Couture 2014 Collection


The Ballerina – Jessicacindy Bridal 2014 Collection.

Ethereal – Jessicacindy Bridal 2014 Collection.

Swarovski Crystal Gown – Jessicacindy Bridal 2014 Collection.

Great Gatsby – Jessicacindy Bridal 2014 Collection.

Take note of the name Jessicacindy, because it’s going to be around for a long time. At just 26 years old, the very talented Indonesian designer, full name Jessicacindy Hartono, has already achieved what so many designers can only dream of – successfully launch her very own label. Based in Singapore, Jessicacindy custom designs bridal gowns for her clients, personally sewing on the embellishments for each, and as if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she’s launched a high-fashion line offering bespoke cocktail dresses and eveningwear too.

Her latest couture collection, titled The Story of a Girl, is a beautiful mix of styles in delicate, ultra-feminine fabrics, shapes and details. Running the gamut from ‘Innocence’ to ‘Great Gatsby’, there’s something to suit everyone here – each timeless design telling a story about the bride who is wearing it.

Odette – Jessicacindy Couture 2014 Collection.

Juliet – Jessicacindy Couture 2014 Collection.

Uptown – Jessicacindy Couture 2014 Collection.

Innocence – Jessicacindy Couture 2014 Collection.

Mellow – Jessicacindy Couture 2014 Collection.

Felicity – Jessicacindy Couture 2014 Collection.

Dresses and Gowns by Jessicacindy / Photography by Zantz Han Photography

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