Stop Motion Video: The Story

Funky Dali: “Childhood lovers? You could almost say that. They first met as innocent teenagers, and as the guy said, ‘It was almost love at first sight.’ But like a dramatic plotline, their relationship didn’t blossom until 12 years later. Trust us, the details are worthy of a soppy Korean drama.

“We wanted something really unusual for Niena and Afeef, so we decided to make a stop-motion video. After much planning, three and a half months of production, and thousands of edited pictures, the couple’s love story was finally shared with a thousand viewers on their wedding day in Perlis.”

NIENA & AFEEF {Malaysia}

Videography and Editing by Funky Dali / Song ‘Ke Langit Biru’ by Asmidar / Music and Lyric by Izaad Amir

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