Website www.weekendiminlove.com / Facebook *weekendiminlove* / Instagram @wkndiminlove / Email weekendiminlove[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +6017 689 7281, +6016 532 8544 / Based in Kuala Lumpur

Weekendiminlove is owned by Atie J, a fine arts graduate with a penchant for graphic design and beautiful parties. What started as a hobby – helping out at events for friends and family – has become a serious business, as Atie began offering her services to the public.

Custom stationery is like a work of art. Weekendiminlove believes that every wedding and party deserves its own set of paper goods and stationery to complement the chosen theme.

Versatility is Atie’s forte. From invitation cards to the smallest details of an event, if you can name it, she’ll make it! Whatever theme you might have, she’ll make sure that every design is unique, exclusive and distinctive. It’s definitely something to make your event more meaningful and memorable.

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