7 Stylish Fashion Ideas For Your Bridal Portraits

Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to showcase your style, from your choice of wedding dress right down to the décor. If veering off the beaten path for your wedding gown is too big of a leap, why not do something different with your bridal portraits instead? Perhaps this is the time to live your fashion editorial fantasies by infusing your photoshoot with some serious high fashion. Check out these brides who jumped at the chance:

#01 Lace Top With A Dramatic Skirt
Photo by Metrophoto. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: The Most Amazing Places On Earth: Bucket List Post-Wedding Portraits by Metrophoto

Photo by Bottega53. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: Timeless And Romantic Seaside Bridal Portraits In Capri, Italy by Bottega53

Lace is a beautiful option for low-key bridal luxe, but wearing lace from top to toe could be a bit much. Break it up with a dramatic full-length skirt, and you’ve got yourself a dazzling two-piece that screams high fashion!

#02 Be The Glorious Lady In Red
Photo by Metrophoto. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: Glamorous High Fashion Bridal Portraits in Shanghai by Metrophoto

Photography by Metrophoto. Destination bridal portraits in Bolivia. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: Engagement Shoot at the World’s Largest Salt Flat in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia by Metrophoto

No matter the backdrop, a beautiful deep red gown is both dramatic and breathtaking. It is no wonder that red is the colour of love – this rich hue is romantic, mysterious, glamorous and theatrical at the same time. There’s no better way to stand out.

#03 Cool In Shiny Metallics
Photo by Peter Herman Photography. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: Futuristic Themed Bridal Portraits in the Desert by Peter Herman Photography

Photo by Acapella Photography. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: Dramatic and Glamorous Bridal Portraits in Iceland by Acapella Photography

Forget the usual whites and neutrals, how about a glossy white or even sleek gunmetal grey? Metallics add a layer of cool to everything, and will keep your nuptials classic yet super chic. There’s no better occasion to strut those metallics.

#04 Knee-Length Cocktail Dresses
Photo by Ben Yew Photography. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: Intimate Bridal Portraits on Film Photography Amid Lush Greenery in Adelaide by Ben Yew Photography

Photo by Munkeat Photography. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: Engagement Shoot in Snowy Dinner Plain, Australia by MunKeat Photography

Your bridal portraits are when you get to wear all your gorgeous dresses that you feel might be too casual for the formalities of your wedding day. These low-back, knee-length numbers are chic, refreshing, and perfect for running, jumping, and playing in. That low-back, especially, gives you a bridal feel without being over the top.

#05 Jump For Joy In Your Jumpsuit
Photo by Tealily Photography. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: A Stylish Jumpsuit For These Sydney Opera House Portraits by Tealily Photography

Photo by Axioo. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: A Vibrant Set Of Bridal Portraits Taken In San Francisco And New York by Axioo

Bridal jumpsuits are indeed a trend for the modern bride – why shouldn’t she get to wear the pants too? We especially love the wide-legged design where, at certain angles, it looks like the bride is actually wearing a flowy dress. Can you get any more stylish than that?

#06 Mother Nature Is Your Best Accessory
Photo by Metrophoto. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: Untouched Beauty: Traditional Bridal Portraits in Lijiang and Shangri-La, China by Metrophoto

Photography by Metrophoto. Destination engagement shoots in Peru. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: Engagement Portraits Amid the Stunning Hues of Rainbow Mountain, Peru by Metrophoto

Let Mother Nature serve as the ultimate moodboard for your bridal look, and nab that perfect Instagram shot. Draw your inspiration from the local surroundings and culture, and let your wedding be an opportunity to sample local textures and fabrics for a unique touch. Make sure you pick a talented photographer for photos that will look right at home in a glossy magazine.

#07 Back To Black
All Season – Photo. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: La Dolce Vita by All Season – Photo

Bridal Portraits in Paris. Photo by Ivan Mario of Axioo. theweddingnotebook.com
Story: Lost In The Magic Of Snow by Axioo

These ballgowns are truly black beauties, equal parts classic and glamorous. Throw in gorgeous curls and some ruffles for dramatic effect, and you’ve got the picture perfect moment, no matter the background. This is the perfect alternative to wearing a black dress at your wedding. You don’t want to shock the in-laws, after all.

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