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Bungee Jumping in Zürich, Switzerland, for the Bride’s Hand in Marriage


This may well be one of the most unique wedding experiences we have come across! To commemorate their wedding, this couple seized the challenge of bungee jumping off the 220-metre high Verzasca Dam – in their gown and suit, no less! Born and raised in Switzerland, the groom found the woman of his dreams in a Singaporean. When they said yes to the rest of their lives together, they enlisted ABC Studio to document their wedding journey. Thanks for these exhilarating images and videos, ABC Studio.

The bride shared: “My family is crazy adventurous. Since we were all in Switzerland and wanted to do the jump as a family, my groom and I took the opportunity to have our pre-wedding photos (and video) shot there. It was amazing; the vendor told us that we were the first couple to jump in a wedding gown and suit!

“I was actually more worried about my husband than myself, as it was his first time bungee jumping (and my fifth). In that moment, we felt that if we could overcome our fears together, nothing in this world would be able tear us apart.” Of course it helped that the bride’s father had dared the groom to earn his daughter’s hand in marriage by doing the bungee jump!

Our hearts sing for this couple – their album is filled with breathtaking views of the mountains, most of which were shot en route to, and from, the Verzasca Dam. Everything happened within days of each other, including the registration of their marriage at Villa Villette by Lake Zug, where they had the ceremony in both German and English, and their apéro, or reception, which took place at Schloss Meggenhorn (Meggenhorn Castle). As their guests mingled, the couple drove out to Luzern for more photos, and from there, rode a horse carriage back to the castle.

“After that day, our photographers told us that they needed more footage, and suggested that we do Zürich another day. I was really impressed by that and very grateful to have them; they weren’t at all calculative of the time they spent with us, but instead were really focused on getting us the best wedding footage,” added the bride.

Tips from the bride: “Just be yourself!”


Videography by ABC Studio / Location Verzasca Dam and around Switzerland

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