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20 Proposal Ideas in Malaysia


Want to plan the best proposal but don’t know where to start? Here’re some ideas on what you can do if you are in Malaysia. Having said that, these are not all there are to it. Get inspired by these ideas and put your own spin on it.

Tip: If your partner is an extrovert, by all means go big, make a public display, invite friends and family. However, if your partner is an introvert, they probably would not like being in the limelight; thus, go for an intimate and private affair. To be sure you and your partner are going in the right direction, talk to them about the future and their expectations before proposing. If you still have no clue after reading this list, talk to his/her best friend, they’ll help you out! We wish you all the very best in your quest to plan out the perfect proposal.

Photography by Lens of Mira theweddingnotebookcom

01# Have a Picnic

This may come as surprise to you considering the weather in Malaysia, but an early morning picnic can be quite pleasant. Prepare a charcuterie platter, some fruits, juice in a basket and you’re pretty much set. If you didn’t already know Perdana Botanical Gardens in Kuala Lumpur and Taman Saujana Hijau in Putrajaya, these are very picturesque locations. Furthermore, there are plenty of secluded spots where you can set up and pop the questions. All across towns in Malaysia, there are equally many pretty gardens and parks to plan your picnic. Visit the gardens beforehand and narrow down a few spots as the one you want may be taken up on the day. Also, find out if there are nearby gazebos to go to in case of rain. Don’t fret if it does rain, a proposal in the rain is all the more romantic.

02# Go Glamping

Imagine proposing underneath a sky full of stars, to the sound of the forest around you. Set up a bonfire, make some s’mores and get cozy. The upside of glamping is a completely romantic experience without having to pack a lot of gear. Allowing you to focus on the big task ahead.

03# For the Animal Lover

If your partner is an animal lover, suggest a trip to the zoo, the bird park or the aquaria. Get in touch with the management team to see how they can make the event memorable for you and your partner. Read about how one TWN groom pop the question to his animal-loving partner .

How about a proposal in art gallery for the art lover? Double the fun by visiting an interactive gallery or join a workshop.

05# Take a Hike

Malaysia is known for its many trails and hikes. Pick a trail based on you and your partner’s fitness level as this is a hike you must complete. For scenic views, plan a hike to Tasik Biru at Kangkar Pulai Johor, Broga Hill at Semenyih or Bukit Batu Putih at Port Dickson.

06# Visit a Waterfall

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Source: An Ethereal Waterfall Ceremony at Kanching Falls

Ok. You’re gonna have a lot of choices here no matter where you live in Malaysia. Pick one, any one really. But if you’ve never been to that place, make a trip beforehand. A word of advice: avoid rainy seasons as waters tend to be rapid, not to mention murky. Avoid deep pools and hikes which involve crossing rivers as well. You wouldn’t want to lose anything, especially the ring.

07# By the Waters

With over 4000 KM of coastline, it is not difficult to find a nice stretch of beach without venturing too far. The beach proposal is quintessential. Perhaps plan a trip to one of the islands and take the opportunity during a stroll to pop the question during sunset or sunrise.

08# Boatride

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Source: Timeless and Romantic Season Couple Shoot in Capri, Italy

Whether you charter a private cruiser in Langkawi, canoe at Putrajaya Lake or take a paddle boat ride, a proposal on the waters is an incredibly romantic experience.

09# Take a Romantic Drive

For a simple and intimate proposal, why not take a night drive up to Genting Highland? Enjoy the cool breeze with the windows down as you take a slow and leisurely drive. Stop by one of their well-lit stops along the way for a break to pop the question! If luck is on your side, clear skies may allow you to a panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur city as a backdrop.

010# Start a New Hobby Together

If you don’t usually surprise your partner, it’s likely they would be tipped off if you plan something out of the ordinary. To throw them off, take classes together instead. Pick an activity that interest the both of you. There’s horseback riding, pottery classes, painting classes, barista classes for the coffee lover etc. Think the long game, and propose when your partner’s guard is down.

011# Head To The Rooftop

A rooftop with great views is a great way to propose. There are so many bars or restaurants to pick from. Inform the staff beforehand so they can seat you and your partner in the best seat of the house to make your experience all the more sweeter. Toast to champagne after! If you don’t want the night to end, get your friends to show up after she says yes, for an after-party in the city.

012# A Sentimental Location

Perhaps it’s where you first met, where you had your first date or where you first said ‘I love you’. Whatever it is, that place is going to hold some pretty good memories which is a perfect set up to get the romance going. Dress it up and pop the question there.

013# Crash the Party

If your partner is having a girl/guy trip with his/her friends, get in touch with them and ask if you can crash the party and propose there towards the end of their trip. Enlist them to update you on their whereabouts and you can plan just about anything. A romantic dinner, a proposal at her hotel room or turning up during a visit to the vineyards or the mountains.

014# Propose at Home

A proposal at home is intimate, cozy and will definitely throw your partner off. It says ‘let’s build a home together’. Having said that, think of a way to jazz it up as well because truth be told, your partner wants to be romanced and to get a ‘yes’ it should require some effort. You could make a home cook meal, decorate the place or complete a home improvement project she always wanted. Reveal the finished project and ask the question for a double surprise.

015# Escape Room

Plan a scavenger hunt with a surprise proposal at the end or arrange an escape room activity where you and your partner solve the puzzle together to reveal the proposal instead of an exit from the escape room challenge.

016# Create an Over the Top Insta-Worthy Proposal

Singapore proposal idea Photography by Lens of Mira theweddingnotebookcom
Source: A Dreamy Floral Proposal at Blank Box Singapore

If you have the budget for it, hire a team to completely transform a venue or space, complete with romantic dinner and fireworks to end the night.

017# Cable Car Ride

Can there be anything more romantic than a cable car ride overlooking the picturesque mountains? Go on weekdays to avoid crowds so that you will be able to get the entire gondola to yourself. Get family and friends to gather and great your surprised partner as you end your ride.

018# Helicopter Ride

Photo by Apel Photography theweddingnotebookcom
Source: Marriage Proposal in Bali

Your partner will definitely know something big is up as soon as he/she arrives at the helipad but the thrill and surprise of getting on the chopper will keep their excitement going. Give yourselves a good 10 minutes to gather yourself before popping the question. Alternatively, enlist someone to spell out ‘will you marry me’ with props on a patch of grass that your pilot will be flying past, making sure prior that your pilot is on board with this proposal. Need help to pull it off? Engage a planner like Yours Truly Production.

019# The Eastern & Oriental Express

Transport you and your partner to a world of timeless glamour and indulgence with an unforgettable trip on the Eastern & Oriental Express that runs from Singapore to Bangkok.

020# Live Band

Have a favourite local band? Enjoy hanging out in bars and checking out live bands? Have them dedicate a song to the both of you, and towards the end of the song, get down on one knee and pop the question.


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