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10 Best Couple Watches For Him and Her


A thoughtfully chosen watch – or timepiece – is one of the few accessories that a couple can buy together (other than the wedding ring) to commemorate an important milestone. A coupled timepiece is a worthy investment that reflects the personality and style of a couple wearing them. From collectibles, luxury pieces to iconic timepieces, we’ve got something to satiate every budget and style. These are our favourite go-to couple watches to mark your momentous wedding day.

1. G-Shock and Baby G

DW-5600 | Source: G Shock
Baby G
BGD-565 series | Source: G Shock

It was said that the inventor of G-shock, Kikuo Ibe conceived the idea of G-shock after a beloved mechanical watch broke, leading him down the path to create a watch that is almost indestructible and waterproof. He succeeded in 1983, creating the first G shock model DW-5000 to grace the world, with a water resistance of 200m and ability to survive a 10m fall (our editors have dropped a G-shock from a third floor, and needless to say, it survived the fall without so much so as a scratch). 

However, for most women, the majority of G-shock models remain far too big (in fact, some models are also too big for men who are not NFL or NBA players). Thus, in 1994, Baby G was introduced as a G-shock designed for women, with its colourful and better wearability.

Over the years, many G-shock and Baby G models were released; however, at TWN, our pick would be the DW-5600 and 565 Baby G series as a couple watch for its faithful interpretation to the original G-shock, its myriad of colours combination (suiting every taste from very serious to downright funky) and of course, its affordability.

Frankly, what would better symbolise a shock proof and indestructible marriage than a G-shock?

To learn more about the history of G-shock, click here.

Casio G-shock & Baby G ~ USD 150

2. Swatch

Source: Swatch Group

Next in line in affordability would be the ubiquitous Swatch watches. After declining interests in recent years, a genius masterstroke collaboration between Omega and Swatch embodied in the Moonswatch propelled Swatch back into the forefront of watch enthusiasts’ minds.

Swatch was founded in 1983 as a response to the quartz crisis, whereby inexpensive battery powered quartz watches mainly from Asia were competing against the mechanical artisanal watches in Europe. It proved to be a gigantus hit, selling 1 million watches in its first year, thus propelling it on a path to be one of the largest watch conglomerates in the world. With its success, the Swatch group slowly acquired other luxury brands such as Blancpain, Omega, Longines, Tissot and the like.

Swatch is definitely one of the more affordable options as a couple watch, while allowing both groom and bride to choose the design or art that matches their respective personality while being unified in the brand and overarching design. In fact there are as many Swatches as the watch brands in the world, ranging from the ultra thin Skin series, to the metal Irony series, to automatic movements in the Sistem51 and finally to the latest Moonswatch. Our recommendation would be to avoid the Sistem51 (non serviceable mechanical movement despite its genius) and Moonswatch (with its current scarcity and built quality issues).

Swatch Options ~ 100 USD

3. Seiko Presage

Perhaps a digital rugged watch may be too juvenescence and a plastic funky artsy watch too theatrical for your liking. Perhaps the more sober design of a dress watch is more suited to commemorate the seriousness of the occasion. For an option that wouldn’t blow a hole in your wallet, Seiko watches sit at the pinnacle when it comes to value for money. 

Seiko was founded in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori, eventually evolving into this gigantic and storied watch manufacture that is fully vertically integrated, producing watches that range from the humble Seiko 5 sport watches to the luxury pieces of Grand Seiko and finally to the handcrafted high horology pieces from the Credor line.

For your consideration, we recommend the Seiko Presage line, which is the dressier line under Seiko. Even within this line, there is a wide range of models ranging from the basic Presage models, to the Presage Cocktail Time line (where the dials are inspired by, well… cocktail) and finally to the Presage Enamel series.

The reasons for our pick of this as a couple watch would be its varied, intricate and eye-catching dials, offered at a price point unmatched by other Swiss brands. 

Seiko Presage ~ USD400

4. Tissot

If you are looking for a well made Swiss watch, a Tissot is a non-brainer. Tissot is often heralded as the gateway drug to Swiss made watches, with its amazing value to price ratio.

Tissot was founded in 1853 by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile Tissot in the Swiss city of Le Locle – a place where the brand still remains to this day. That predates brands even the likes of Rolex and Audemar Piguet. Thereafter, it merged with Omega in 1930 and subsequently was acquired together by the Swatch group in 1983. Over the years, the brand has solidly built a reputation as a maker of finely crafted yet surprisingly affordable watches.

As with Seiko recommended above, we believe Tissot offers watches that are the best for your buck. There is no doubt about it. Just look at the Tissot Powermatic 80 above, it looks almost similar to another high horology brand with two words that start with A and P respectively, while costing 50 times less. Handle one in real flesh and you would be surprised at the quality it exudes for the asking price. The brands also offer many options for both men and women, thus making it suitable as a couple watch.

Tissot ~ 350 USD

5. Cartier Tank

Cartier Tank
Source: Cartier

If you’re looking to treat you and your beau to a luxury timepiece, a watch from storied Cartier would be our pick, namely, the Cartier Tank.

The Cartier Tank is one of the most iconic designs from Cartier, drawing inspiration from, well, a Tank. It was created by Louise Cartier in 1917 and was inspired by the Renault tanks which he saw in use on the Western Front during the first World War. 

The Cartier Tank is widely considered to be Cartier’s most iconic design, and likely to be one of the best unisex watch ever created; this is due to the fact that as it is more of a formal watch, it is often worn small even for men. Thus, among our recommendations, it is possibly the only watch that you can actually buy one, but worn by both couples. Though on second thought, please don’t do that. TWN will not be responsible for conflicts derived from our recommendations.

Cartier Tank ~ USD 3,000

6. Cartier Santos

Source: Cartier

There are really very few icons in watch making history. Usually they are iterations of previous designs. Steal like an artist right? However, the Cartier Santos can confidently claim in being an original and an icon, by being the first purpose made wrist watch made in 1904 by Louise Cartier – predating the founding of Rolex by a year -. The watch was made for his friend, a Brazilian aviator named Alberto Santos-Dumont who had previously complained to Louise Cartier the difficulty and impracticality of using a pocket watch while flying. 

The watch is offered in many metal options and types depending on your budget and comes in various sizes – medium models wear like a 34mm and large models wear closer to a 41mm -, making it a perfect couple watch. Another upside is that this is really a couple-y watch as whatever size either partner choses, it is unmistakably a Cartier Santos.

With a history of 100+ years, we believe it is a potent symbol for the longevity of marriage. Of course, you do not need a watch to symbolise a long lasting marriage, but why not?

Cartier Santos ~ USD 6,000

7. Omega Aqua Terra

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 34mm | Source: Omega
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 38mm | Source: Omega

The Omega Aqua Terra is one of the best entry luxury watches from Omega which debuted in 2002; in fact, it is one of the best luxury everyday watches that is all encompassing. It can be worn in a variety of ways, for a variety of situations and dress codes. However, we often find the design a bit bland, though some may like it precisely for that reason. 

But in 2022, that opinion changed. Just look at the colours of the dials above. It is mesmerising. Our favourites would be the terra cotta dial for men (38mm) and the sea blue dial for women (34mm).

Putting high horology brands aside, when we think of luxury watch brands, for most, Omega and Rolex springs to mind. This is definitely a pick for those who are prepared to invest a bigger sum in pieces that commemorate their wedding, without the waiting list that comes with a Rolex purchase. 

Omega Aqua Terra ~ USD6,000

8. Omega Constellation

Two of Omega’s most famous lines would be the Speedmaster family and the Seamaster family. We recommended the Aqua Terra under the Seamaster line at no.7 and would gladly recommend the storied and historically important Speedmaster, saved from one fact: the smallest Speedmaster is 39mm in diameter. We have no doubt that some women are fine with that size, however, we would prefer if there is a smaller option which unfortunately the Speedmaster line does not offer.

The Constellation line is often perceived as small petite watches encrusted in diamonds made for women by Omega. However, contrary to popular perception, the Constellation line was initially designed for men in 1952, being Omega’s first serially manufactured wristwatch chronometer. In fact, the Constellation line is often where Omega first introduces their latest movements, as evident by Omega’s action of introducing its first ever Master Chronometer movement in the Globemaster Constellation in 2015.

One of the most underrated watches from Omega, overshadowed by its more famous siblings, the Speedmaster and Seamaster family. However, it is by no means less important to Omega, with attractive dials for both men (look at that beautiful pie pan dial!) and women (diamonds, enough said.), complete with one of the best mass produced mechanical movements in the market today.

Omega Constellation ~ USD6,000

9. Rolex Oyster Perpetual

And now, we enter the heirloom territory. Compared to Cartier and Omega, which are by no means lower in price, everything about Rolex screams prestige.

The Oyster Perpetual is one of indisputable icons in watch-making history, by being the first waterproof and dustproof watch. The watch is named “Oyster” as it features a hermetically sealed case, like an oyster, which provides optimal protection for the movement inside. And in 1931, Rolex patented a self winding movement, where the movement (called Automatic movement now) is wound by the movement of the wearer, thus it can be perpetually wound. Hence, “Perpetual” was added to the “Oyster”.

The Oyster Perpetual is a perfect couple watch, coming in a variety of sizes ranging from 28mm to 41mm. It is not a flashy watch by any means; it does not have a date wheel, no design on its dial and with a design that is almost to the point of being boring. However, there is an inherent beauty of functional excellence, in a watch that has been made flawlessly to perform its function. Handle one in flesh, and you most likely will come to a conclusion: this is such a watch.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual ~ USD 5,000

10. Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust was created in 1945, being the first self-winding waterproof chronometer wristwatch to display the date at 3 o’clock on the dial. Suffice to say, similar to the Cartier Santos, the Rolex Datejust is one of the watch world’s most recognisable timepieces. The characteristic shape of the Oyster case, the fluted bezel, the Cyclops lens over the date and the five-piece link Jubilee bracelet – specially made for the model – all contributed to making this watch a classic. 

WIth the current Rolex hype, many have started to stay clear of the brand due to the baggage it entails with its purchase. However, there is an undeniable reason for the hype. Rolex is by far the most recognisable brand in the timepiece universe, one of the most reliable timepieces around and arguably without its storied existence, the watch industry would not be where it is today.

There is no doubt that this is a set of couple watches that will last you a lifetime and where your future children will want to inherit. The downside? With its long waiting list, you may need to plan your wedding earlier. Preferably to first buy the Lady Datejust then placing your name down for the Men’s Datejust. All this even before you book your wedding venue. If you’re not enthusiastic about the waitlist (like the rest of us) and wearing your couple timepiece during your wedding is a must, steer clear from Rolex and bring your business elsewhere.

Rolex DateJust ~ USD 7,000


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