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Love In The Time of Covid-19: Planning Your Bridal Portraits


How is it that March 2020 has felt like all 12 months of 2019 put together? Things happen and life can fly out of our control sometimes, but that’s just how it is. Much like most wedding days, actually.

The good news is Covid-19 doesn’t mean that life has to stop completely. You definitely have to relook how you should plan your wedding, but you can start scheduling those bridal portraits. Depending on the situation in your country, hopefully you will be able to shoot your portraits from June onwards. Just remember that you should still try to keep the number of people involved to a minimum, and only proceed if you (and your vendors) are all healthy. Pack your own food and have a picnic on the day, too!

As most weddings will likely be postponed until next year, you should take advantage by booking that coveted photographer – he or she probably has a few extra available slots now. Also, here are some ideas on how you can continue to practise social distancing while getting your bridal portraits done during these uncertain times:

#01 Keep It Local
Local photoshoots will obviously be a lot easier to plan and manage, plus everyone will have no problems travelling to the location. Keep it small – just the two of you, the photographer and a makeup artist. Take this opportunity to enjoy the best that your country has to offer, without having to deal with tourists and large crowds as you’re trying to get that perfect shot.

Photo by Jasmine of Munkeat Studio.
Story: Gorgeous Traditional Indian Bridal Portraits in White and Earth Tones Taken at Putrajaya, Malaysia by Jasmine. A Photography

Photo by Hellow Jane Lee.
Story: Vintage Flavoured Engagement Shoot in Cameron Highlands by hellojanelee

#02 Back To Nature
It’s been a bit eerie to see famous landmarks around the world empty and devoid of people. While you might be tempted to visit those places now, it’s probably best to head out to some naturally secluded areas where absolutely no one will be around. This might mean waterfalls, forests, or the sand dunes of Malacca perhaps, making sure that you avoid weekends and public holidays of course.

Peter Herman Photography.
Story: Sweet Bohemian Bridal Portraits At Pantai Klebang Sand Dunes In Malacca by Peter Herman Photography

Photo by Anson Photography.
Story: Refreshing Bridal Portraits at Kanching Waterfall in Rawang by Anson’s Photography

#03 Stay At Home
What’s better than having a photographer capture the essence of who you are as a couple in your “natural habitat” – your home? After all, marriage is about building a home together, and there’s a purity and honesty that comes with being able to pull off bridal portraits in your own private space. Bonus: it’s also a great way to show off your pad while practising social distancing at the same time!

Photo by Joshua Koh Photography.
Story: The Love Story Continues at Home by Joshua Koh Photography

Photo by Bitesize Visuals.
Story: At Home With You Through Every Season by Bitesize Visuals

#04 An Isolated Space
An alternative to shooting your bridal portraits at home would be doing it in a studio. Keep the team as small as possible, and to minimise contact with others and reduce the number of people in a confined space, the setting up and décor should be done the day prior without you there. For this, you will need to research the kind of style and moodboard you would like to emulate for your portraits. Alternatively, you could also find a quirky café, bar or restaurant, and support them by hiring out the space during their non-operating hours.

Munkeat Phtoography.
Story: Laidback Bridal Portraits at Metal Bees by MunKeat Photography

Photo by Jessielyee Photography.
Story: Nostalgic Bridal Portraits at Hide and Seek Coffee, Petaling Street by Jessielyee. Photography

#05 Post-Wedding Portraits
If your heart is still set on having destination bridal portraits, we totally understand. It just means you will have to be patient and not rush to get them done. Especially not with the situation changing almost daily. Instead of a pre-wedding photoshoot (below), perhaps you could consider having post-wedding portraits; rent a motorhome (cook and sleep) and go on an outskirt road trip with your photographer. There is no deadline when it comes to expressing your love and gratitude for your partner, and it will take time for each country to figure out where they stand. At the end of the day, all that really matters is you’ve got your sweetheart next to you.

Photo by Iluminen.

Photo by Iluminen.
Story: Pre-Wedding Motorhome Adventure Across New Zealand by Iluminen

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