10 Bridal Makeup Artist To Get You Looking Your Best


Bridal makeup is an essential aspect of any wedding day, as it is an opportunity for the bride-to-be to look her best and feel confident on her special day. Skill-fully applied, makeup complements the bride’s features and wedding theme, ensuring that she looks stunning and radiant in all of her wedding photos. Professional makeup artists use their skills to create a range of looks, from natural and subtle to bold and dramatic, to suit the bride’s preferences and personal style. With the right makeup artist, the bride can look and feel her best. Here are 10 makeup artists to consider for your big day.

1. Shiyo Joo

Shiyo Joo is a highly skilled makeup artist with a remarkable following of almost 300k on his Instagram account. His expertise and dexterity enable him to create a diverse range of makeup looks with ease, making him a prominent figure in the industry. Furthermore, his extensive list of clients, including top celebrities, attests to his exceptional talent and success as a makeup artist. If you are looking to transform into a glowing star or have fresh-faced wedding makeup, Shiyo Joo is the right one.

2. Cukiajis

Cukiajis is one who not only has the technical skills to create a flawless look, but also has the ability to remain calm and patient when dealing with the emotions of a nervous bride. He is known for his sweet demeanour and ability to make his clients feel at ease. He specialises in natural looks that enhance the beauty of his clients, and his magical touch-up skills ensure that the makeup stays put throughout the long day. He is also known for his meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every client looks and feels their absolute best.

3. Syedewa

Syedewa is a well-known makeup artist who has made a name for himself in the cosmetics industry. Through his hard work and dedication, Syedewa has created his own line of beauty and makeup products, known as Syedewa Cosmetics. With a range of products from brow definers to lip liners and face brushes, Syedewa Cosmetics has become a popular choice for those looking to enhance their beauty routine. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Syedewa shares his makeup expertise and tips with his followers through his YouTube channel. He has also worked with other makeup artists to elevate his craft further and expand his brand. Undoubtedly, Syedewa’s passion for makeup and his commitment to creating quality products have made him a notable figure in the cosmetics industry.

4. Justine Tee Makeup & Hairstyling

Her makeup aims to bring the most beautiful version of the bridal. Her bridal customer did mention that she has successfully brought the vibe the bridal expected and the accessories she chose suited the bridal appearance and hair well. Many said she is friendly, easy to deal with and can cater to customers’ needs. Her bridal accessory collection features high-quality glass rhinestones, freshwater pearls and intricate designs, every accessory is handpicked to compliment the bridal big day!

5. Yeinchan

As the founder of museartmakeup, she is also a makeup artist and make-up trainer. If you are looking for Korean style makeup, Yein Chan can help you with it. She also provides makeup services to a few artists such as Jerylee, Bii and etc.

6. Faz Arifin

Faz Arifin is the perfect choice for brides looking for exceptional services that prioritize client care and personal style. He understands that every bride is unique, and he works with you to create a personalized look that complements your individual style. Count on Faz Arifin to deliver flawless results that leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

7. Kitt Ho

Kitt Ho is an outstanding makeup artist that has extensive experience in bridal makeup. Her customer said she is very patient and a friendly makeup artist. Some also said she has a good sense of beauty and tries her best to match the bridal requirements with hair, gown and accessories.

8. Aivy Yong Bridal Makeup

Since 2004, Aivy has been pursuing her passion in the beauty and bridal makeup artistry industry, which has earned her the appreciation of countless brides. Her area of expertise lies in the use of both conventional and airbrush makeup techniques to achieve a radiant and glowing appearance.

9. Ardana Haran Bridal

Ardana Haran Bridal specializes in professional makeup, hair styling, and saree tying services for brides during their engagement, wedding, and reception events. He is dedicated to giving every bride a modern and sophisticated edge while retaining the traditional charm and elegance that is expected on their special day. With his services, brides can feel confident and beautiful on one of the most important days of their life. The guest usually describes their makeup as simply adorable and stunning.

10. Shanti’s Bridal, Hair & MakeUp

At Shanti Colours & Fashion, they are a team of exceptional and skilled makeup artists who have a genuine passion for their craft. We take great pride in our work, knowing that each creation we make will be truly admired. They aim to make you feel extra special and unique with our magical finishing touches that are exclusively designed for every individual. Their makeup helps the brides to make their beauty stand out in every shade and size. Their customers feel proud regardless of their skin tone after they have the makeup done by Shanti Colours & Fashion.


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