A Vibrant Traditional Wedding With 4 Unique Events in Kuala Lumpur


James and Shaleen embarked on a remarkable journey five years ago in Canberra. It all started with a swipe and a match on an online dating platform. Their first date ignited an instant connection, and without adhering to the clichéd three-day rule, James wasted no time in securing their next date. Despite Shaleen’s relocation to Sydney a few months into their relationship, their love story continued to flourish.

Engaging in a conversation with these two lovebirds was like breathing in a breath of fresh air. Together, they eagerly shared stories about their cultural differences and similar values that they shared in life, which made them the unique couple they are today. James, an Australian native, possesses a remarkable openness to embracing new cultures. His upbringing fostered a genuine curiosity for exploring and understanding different traditions. On the other hand, Shaleen hails from a vibrant blend of Malaysian Ceylonese heritage. For their wedding, they envisioned a celebration that would reflect their modern personalities while incorporating their traditional roots. With the guidance of their family members and wedding coordinators, they meticulously selected themes and venues that perfectly encapsulated their vision.

Their celebration commenced with an intimate gathering of 50 guests for a blessing ceremony at Shaleen’s family home. To infuse an air of festivity, guests were instructed to don festive attire in shades of yellow or pink, representing the chosen theme. This enchanting event marked the beginning of the wedding week and served as an opportunity for elders to impart their blessings upon the couple. Symbolizing fertility, Shaleen and James planted a special tree. The highlight of this family-oriented gathering was the delectable South Indian cuisine, featuring mouth-watering dishes like Dosa and Appom. A ‘Tea Thambi’ pop-up bicycle serving chai added a special touch. James cherishes this part of the celebration the most, as the blessings bestowed upon them by their family members held deep significance in their journey to matrimony.

Following the blessing ceremony, the couple hosted a Sundowner Henna-Night at Castra by Colony. This time, they opted for a “Malaysian-influenced” theme, with guests adorning Batik attire that beautifully complemented the couple’s custom-designed Batik outfits. The venue featured mini food stalls serving a variety of renowned Malaysian delicacies, a fun way of introducing their friends from around the world to the exquisite flavours of Malaysia.

Taking inspiration from the Netflix series Bridgerton, Shaleen infused a touch of English countryside spring into their traditional reception at The Glasshouse. Pastel hues and abundant floral arrangements adorned the venue, evoking a sense of romance. While the decor exuded English spring beauty, Shaleen and James opted to don traditional Indian attire acquired from India itself. James looked dashing in a Sherwani, completing his ensemble with a Wedding Turban that matched his suit. Shaleen had the pleasure of wearing two exquisite Sarees on this special day. She made her grand entrance in a custom bridal Saree of her own choosing before changing into another magnificent piece, gifted to her by the groom as a customary symbol of their union.

Standing at the altar for the first time, the bride described the experience as humbling, while James savoured every moment as he walked towards his bride. Witnessing the families from both sides mingling throughout the event brought them immense joy. The groom expressed heartfelt gratitude for his family, who travelled great distances to partake in the celebration.

Concluding their back-to-back celebrations was a glamorous “Black Tie” dinner reception at St. Regis, aptly named “A Starry Night” by Shaleen. The couple envisioned a celestial ambiance, with white decor, dazzling lights, and an ethereal atmosphere. The Astor Room at St. Regis Kuala Lumpur provided the perfect setting for their close-knit gathering of 150 loved ones. Describing the reception as a grand party, the couple reminisced about the music and dances that unfolded as the night progressed, leaving lasting memories. Unexpectedly, their families surprised them with a captivating fusion of Bangra and Celtic music, adding an element of surprise and delight. The couple’s dance began with a predictably romantic tune, customary for English weddings, before they unleashed the exuberance of Tamil songs, taking the guests onto the dance floor.

“Sit back, relax, and savour each moment,” Shaleen advised as she reflected on their remarkable journey. James chimed in with a valuable tip for couples currently planning their own weddings, “Remember, together, you are stronger than when alone. Embrace your differences, for they will prepare you for the beautiful journey ahead. Cherish the best in each other.” In the end, Shaleen and James crafted a wedding experience that reflected their unique love story, blending cultural traditions with their modern personalities. Their celebration, marked by heartfelt blessings, joyful gatherings, and enchanting moments, will forever hold a cherished place in their hearts.


A. Blessing Ceremony and Kanni Kaal Planting

Photographer | Manoj Photography

Videographer | Bean Cinematography

Decorator | JS Vior

Bridal Dress |Anita Dongre

Bride floral jewellery | Tussaar.com

Groom’s Suit | Samyukta Singhania 

Caterer | Tea Thambi, Mohan’s Appam (Bangsar)

B. Sundowner Henna Night

Venue | Castra by Colony

Photographer | Manoj Photography

Videographer | Bean Cinematography

Wedding Planner | Eventistry

Decorator | Marigold Rentals

Makeup Artist | Highlights by Mela

Bridal Dress | Batik by Nell

Groom’s Suit | g3 fashion

Groom’s Shoes | Kalki fashion

Caterer | HNF Caterer

Bartender | Booze Barrel

C. Kalyanam/Wedding

Venue | Glasshouse @ Seputeh

Photographer | Manoj Photography

Videographer | Bean Cinematography

Wedding Planner | Eventistry

Stylist | Impian Designs

Decorator | Impian Designs

Makeup Artist | Blush Beauty

Bridal Dress | Ekaya Benaras (1st saree), Sabyasachi (2nd saree)

Groom’s Suit | Frontier Raas

Groom’s Shoes | Petal and Pup

Bridesmaids attire | Dharsh Boutique

Groomsmen attire | Utsav Fashion

Entertainment | Pandavas

Caterer | The Big Rajah

Cake favours | Picha Eats

Order of Service booklet | Ellifant Studio

Wedding Invites | Customizing Creativity

D. Dinner Reception

Venue | Astor Rooms, St Regis Hotel

Photographer | Manoj Photography

Videographer | Bean Cinematography

Wedding Planner | Eventistry

Stylist + Decorator | Impian Designs

Makeup Artist | Tiar Zainal

Bridal Hair | Yusof Ruzaimi

Bridal Dress | Seema Gujral via Karegar Official

Bridal Shoes | Jimmy Choo

Groom’s Suit | Oscar Hunt

Entertainment | DJ Herb, DCM Dhol

Cake | The Quirky Taste

Bartender | Bottoms Up

Couples Dance Choreographer | SK Bollywood

Family Dance Choreographer | Bolly On Malaysia

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