An Intimate Modern Oriental Dining Soiree at Jaan by Kirk Westaway, Singapore


9 years ago, Adam and Yvonne had their first Valentine’s Day dinner at Jaan by Kirk Westaway. Glimmering glass décor crafted by an Italian artisan filled the ceiling of the luxurious space, which matched their high appreciation towards fine arts and great craftsmanship perfectly. Backed by the exquisite view of the Marina Bay Sands, their fine dining experience with exceptional service in this Michelin star rated restaurant gave them no reason not to choose it as the perfect venue for their special day.

After 8 years of long distance relationship and being apart for 2 years during the pandemic, this high school sweethearts decided to get married in their homeland Singapore. Yvonne was in Perth, while Adam was completing his medical degree in the UK. Though both having been educated in an English setting, they were eager to pay homage to their Chinese roots. The pride for their roots, heritage and culture was the axis of the wedding planning.

Dressed in majestic creations of LAICHAN on that day, the couple walked into their garden meadow with a look that presented a subtle luxury in elegance. Another twist of meaningful thought incorporated into this wedding was presented through the impeccable work of the designer LAICHAN himself on the bride’s dress. The fabrics weaved together on the upper part of the outfit was meant to symbolize a merging of 2 cultures into one. Yvonne knew she wanted a traditional Cheongsam and presented a tinge of modern touch by having the dress in white. Adam’s pair of shoes had a dragon embroidered on the side, which again goes back to narrating their Chinese influence in the style and design of the wedding day details.

For the décor, Yvonne visualised walking through a meadow with concoction of seasonal wild flowers. Drawing inspiration from both the Chinese and English garden, with the idea of ‘moving the garden into the sky’, her vision was translated accurately by decorator HellofromFlour. Popping Allium Bulbs in between wild grasses of Caspias created the perfect ambiance for them to feel close to nature, but in the comfort of the beautiful space of Jaan.

Standing in the middle of the flower-filled space, they exchanged their vows witnessed by those closest to them. A glimpse of a painted artwork with dual meaning could be seen on their backdrop. At first glance, the unmistakable double wording of the Chinese character for happiness, 囍, synonymous to any wedding celebration, takes front and centre. However, on closer inspection one may begin to notice an image of two person dancing together.

Adam and Yvonne celebrated their Big Day with emphasis on these two identities that have shaped them closely. The couple curated a gathering of 35 invites on each lunch and dinner session of the same day, and chose to invest in attention to details to ensure every guest would leave with memorable thoughts. For the couple, this gathering was particularly significant as it was the first time they reunited with their close friends after a number of lockdowns everyone had to endure. Beautiful moments of finally getting to pop some champagnes, laughing and chatting together to enjoy the celebration, and being in the moment made the highlights of their event.

Venue: JAAN by Kirk Westaway

Photographer : Maritha Mae

Videographer : Substance films

Wedding Stylist: @hellofromflour

Decorator: @hellofromflour

Bridal Dress: LAICHAN

Bridal Shoes: Roger Vivier

Groom’s Suit: Dolce & Gabbana

Groom’s Shoes: Gucci 

Wedding Cake: Cupplets

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