How To Match Your Wedding Band and Engagement Ring?


Naturally, considering how much wear both your wedding band and engagement ring will likely see, it is important to select a set of wedding rings that complements the engagement ring as well as possible. Here are a few factors to bear in mind.

Metal Choices

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Firstly, the metals used should match harmoniously. For example, the cool tones of silver, platinum, palladium, titanium, and white gold rings would complement one another. It is possible to successfully create contrast by throwing the warmer tones of gold or rose gold into the mix, depending on the rest of your outfit and specifically how warm the gold rings in question are, but it is more difficult than simply sticking to each category.

Understanding Engagement Ring Shapes and Styles

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Secondly, think about how the shapes of your engagement ring and wedding band will fit with each other. For example, if having a plain wedding band would create gaps between it and your engagement ring, you might prefer a more rounded, stylish design that curves around the engagement ring for a sleek and seamless aesthetic. Thinking about shapes includes not only the shapes of the rings themselves, but the silhouettes of any diamonds or gems involved. For example, if your engagement ring features a square or rectangular silhouette like a princess- or cushion-cut diamond, you might prefer that any diamonds on your wedding band be round to provide contrast, or continue to pursue the structured, edgy look of squarish diamonds. If you’d like to brush up on your knowledge of diamond shapes, check out our guide here.

Pay Attention To Sizing


Thirdly, also take into account the width and size of each ring, which will greatly impact the proportions of your jewellery selection. If you’d like any one element to take centre stage, you might prefer to have the others be relatively unassuming. For example, a simple, plain, wedding band would draw further attention to the scintillating diamond on your engagement ring. Alternatively, have all elements merge seamlessly by choosing rings of similar proportions. A large round diamond would proportionately stand out less when framed by a wide pavé ring, for example.

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