10 Reasons Why Mauritius Is The Next Honeymoon Hotspot

Ile Aux Cerfs, Deer Island. theweddingnotebook.com

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Say the word “Mauritius”, and what immediately come to mind are crystal clear seas, pristine beaches and stunning blue skies. A little island nation that sits pretty in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius may not be very big in size, but it is certainly rich in sights, sounds and everything good that nature has to offer.

Not to be confused with the Maldives or Seychelles, which offer mostly private resorts, Mauritius has a distinctly more accessible feel, thanks to its range of accommodation options, street food culture, and more activities (including extreme sports) than you could possibly do in one trip.

Whether you’re on a budget or in the mood to splurge, there’s sure to be an outstanding experience that you can enjoy. So here, in no particular order, are 10 things you can do in Mauritius with your significant other!

Ile Aux Cerfs, Deer Island. theweddingnotebook.com

Photo © Photosounds | Dreamstime.com – Ile Aux Cerfs, Deer Island. Mauritius Photo

Mauritius The Next Honeymoon Hotspot. theweddingnotebook.com

Photo © Znm | Dreamstime.com – Mauritius Island

#01 Swim with dolphins in Tamarin Bay
It’s a once in a lifetime experience! Just be sure to choose an operator, such as Dolswim, that offers sustainable dolphin swimming excursions and that adheres to government dolphin protection guidelines. Prices start from around Rs 1900 (MYR115) for adults.

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Photo by JP Henry Charters

#02 Walk with the lions at the Casela Nature & Leisure Park
From lion encounters and safari tours to hiking, the Casela Nature & Leisure Park is a wonderland of fun and thrilling experiences. There’s even a zip line that ends in the pool of a waterfall! Open daily from 9am-6pm in the summer, and 9am-5pm in the winter. Entry is Rs 300 (MYR19) for adults.

Walk with the lions at the Casela Nature and Leisure Park. theweddingnotebook.com

Photo by Casela World of Adventures

#03 Spend the day beach hopping
Beautiful beaches are aplenty in Mauritius, so don’t restrict yourself to exploring just one or two. The best part is they’re easily accessible and open to the public, so you won’t miss out even if you opt for affordable accommodation options like smaller guesthouses or boutique hotels. Here’s a hot tip: for the best sunset view in Mauritius, get yourself to Trou-aux-Biches.

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Photo Catamaran Cruises

#04 Hike to the Tamarind Falls
Just one of many fabulous trekking and hiking experiences in Mauritius, the Tamarind Falls carries the distinction of being the highest waterfalls in the country, with a “fall” of almost 300 metres! Go here for more popular trekking and hiking destinations.

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#05 Go on an aquatic adventure
Just because you’re not a scuba diver doesn’t mean you need to miss out on experiencing the underwater world up close. Try the Solar Under Sea Walk for a novel and unforgettable outing. Or, if you would prefer to stay comfortably dry, Blue Safari offers submarine rides that dive to a depth of 35 metres. Feeling really adventurous? A self-propelled Scuba-Doo scooter allows you to be in complete control, and with a maximum speed of just 2.5 knots, you can think of it as a leisurely stroll.

Underwater at Mauritius. theweddingnotebook.com

Photo Blue Safari

#06 See the Seven Coloured Earths
A fascinating geological formation found in the Chamarel plain in southwestern Mauritius, the Seven Coloured Earths are a series of sand dunes in seven distinct colours – red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow. Not surprisingly, it’s a major tourist attraction.

Seven Coloured Earths Mauritius. theweddingnotebook.com

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#07 Be spoiled by the many romantic, luxurious resorts
Is it any surprise that Mauritius is very popular with honeymooners? The island is filled with beautiful resorts, each offering a slice of paradise, and that are just perfect for a romantic getaway. We couldn’t possibly choose a favourite.

Shangri-La's Le Touessrok Resort and Spa. theweddingnotebook.com

Photo Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort and Spa

LUX* Grand Gaube - Luxury Resort in Mauritius. theweddingnotebook.com

Photo LUX* Grand Gaube – Luxury Resort

Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort. theweddingnotebook.com

Photo Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort

#08 Sample the rum and local cuisine
Exploring the traditional markets and street food options in Mauritius will not only give you a delicious taste (literally) of what the country has to offer, it’s also a great way to reduce your expenses so you have more money to spend on all these other experiences. That’s a win-win! Rum is a local specialty in Mauritius as well, so if that’s your tipple of choice, you’re in luck. Feel like sitting down to a proper dinner? Mauritius offers everything from casual eateries to fine dining establishments in their distinctive cuisine – a blend of French, African and Chinese – so take your pick.

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Photo © Bimka1 | Dreamstime.com -Rum Distillery Photo

#09 Learn about the culture
From the sega dance to stunning religious sites like monasteries and temples, Mauritius is a land that is rich in history and culture. Something to remember, however: shorts and short skirts are not permitted at the religious sites, and you’ll need to take off your shoes and any leather accessories when entering monasteries or temples.

Sega dancers in Mauritius. theweddingnotebook.com

Photo Sega Dancers at Casablabla – Multicultural Tapas Lounge Bar

#10 Take the Underwater Waterfall helicopter tour
If you’re ready to splurge, there are helicopter tours that will take you over the spectacular Underwater Waterfall near the shoes of Le Morne Brabant in the island’s southwest. The waterfall is actually an optical illusion caused by the movement of sand and silt sediments, and it’s an absolutely breathtaking sight!

Underwater Waterfalls Mauritius. theweddingnotebook.com


“Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Mark Twain

Mauritius The Next Honeymoon Hotspot. theweddingnotebook.com

Photo Copyright: robert mandel / 123RF Stock Photo

From its breathtaking scenery and culinary delights, to its rich heritage and outdoor adventures, Mauritius has something for everyone. And now, thanks to AirAsia X’s new route to Mauritius, you can now experience a slice of Africa’s best-kept tropical secret!


WHEN TO GO: The weather in Mauritius is generally quite mild, with a high of about 30 degrees Celsius in the summer (February) and a low of about 21 degrees Celsius in the winter (July). The weather in winter can get a little bit unpredictable so do plan your trip accordingly.
CURRENCY: The currency of Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee. Many restaurants, shops and attractions accept Visa and MasterCard, and there are many ATMs available too.
LANGUAGE: English is widely spoken in Mauritius, as are Mauritian Creole and French.


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