Two Surprises in One Trip At One and Only Desaru


Titus and Rachel met through mutual friends and have been inseparable since. Four years into their relationship, Titus whisked Rachel away on a romantic getaway at the ultra-luxe One and Only Desaru Resort with plans of pulling off an epic proposal. However, since his proposal plans was put on hold due to the pandemic and sensing Rachel’s growing suspicion, Titus felt he needed to up the ante by throwing her off guard. Therefore, he first planned a dupe proposal which took place the day before. Titus proposed to Rachel on a rather sordid looking beach and was happy that she said ‘yes’.

After the initial surprise had worn off, Rachel openly discussed her feelings about the proposal. Titus was grateful that she shared her thoughts, as it provided him with valuable insights into what she truly liked and valued, particularly the importance of effort and sentiment. “I’d planned everything meticulously but did not factor in the 18 hours of waiting to show her the real proposal I had to endure between the fake proposal and the real one,” recalls Titus with a chuckle. He was glad that all of Rachel’s wishes were already on his list, and he felt reassured that they were on the same page. The next day, thinking it was their last day at the resort, the couple packed and prepared to leave. “He had booked us a photography session, so I got dressed. A buggy car brought us to the meeting point,” tells Rachel.

When the resort buggy turned the corner, Rachel saw her friends and a huge floral installation. It took her a little while to grasp what was really happening. Turns out the earlier proposal was a red herring! “Even the ring was a bogus” laughs Rachel. Rachel teared tears of joy. The sight was overwhelming. Titus got down on one knee and Rachel said yes again for the second time.

“I gave a speech and as I was coming to the end, right on cue, fireworks filled the skies, it was a sight to behold.” shared Titus. They relished the moment with a photo shoot and a celebratory dinner with close friends.

Vendor Credit

Photographer | MunKeat Photography

Videographer | Filming Art

Venue | One and Only Desaru

Planner | PeakXperience

Decorator | Peak Events

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