23 Wedding Luxe featuring Christinna Kuan At Sentul Pavillion: 2023 Fashion Show


KUALA LUMPUR,  January 2023 – 3 years on since Corona put a firm stop to the frenzy of wedding activities, the wedding industry remains resilient and has come back with a vengeance. A flurry of excitement filled the air as industry vendors gathered in the newly minted Sentul Pavillion for one of the most anticipated events of early 2023. From sketches on a paper to models strutting across the runway, 23 Wedding Luxe, the local luxury wedding dressmaker, debuted a much anticipated, strong collection in January of this year at the befitting and beautiful glasshouse venue

Since conception, designer Wei Li has been churning out bold and innovative designs to grace the floor of the runway. In 2020, she showcased her line of bridal gowns at a no-audience fashion show, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Her designs included a range of romantic frocks and industriously bold gowns meant to boost confidence of anyone who puts them on. Her project brought together the colossuses of the wedding industry , inspired couples and boosted morale during a tough time. 

Once again, Wei Li of 23 Wedding Luxe acted as catalyst, gathering the masses for a celebratory event. It was a celebration of creativity and beauty presented fully by models of Asian descent along with Jo Malone London, an official sponsor. Social influencer – Christinna Kuan made a special appearance and graced the runway along with a gorgeous cast of Asian descent-only models.

The show consists of 4 mini shows and started off with a parade of dresses that leaned heavily on oriental motives. Perfect for a traditional ceremony, the laboriously embroidered garments featuring Nusantara influence garnered most attention. The use of neutral tone fabric offsetting rich embroidery, giving off an old-world regal charm. 

The following collection is kismet for today’s sophisticated bride. In the age of clickbait fashion, a bridal dress should capture the present yet stand the test of time. Incorporating subtle modern designs into long-established silhouettes, like a detachable short puff sleeves or bare-midriff details, 23 Wedding Luxe prove that they are in tune with the desires of their bolder clientele. 

The third collection showcased a range of dresses you’ll want to keep for future generations. Once again, every garment offers a compelling blend of glamour and romance featuring the use of lace and soft tulle. As models stroll down the runway, the frocks they wear seem to cling to their bodice like a glove- light and airy, floating effortlessly.

The final collection showcased some of the funnest modern mash ups featuring the elegant and glamorous 60’s. This collection starred special guest and social influencer – Christinna Kuan (@ms_kuan), taking the final runway in a short sequinned number with an embroidered feather skirt akin to the pattern of fireworks, a perfect epilogue to this spectacular show. In Wei Li hands, a bride can party in a crop sequin top with matching high waisted flare pants or a bold mini dress with embroidered faux feathers for a show-stopping Monroe vibe, ready to hit the dance floor or the afterparty. Fresh, light and fun, 23 Wedding Luxe is ready to invade bridal closets en masse.

Bridal House: 23 Wedding Luxe

Event Planner: XO23 Wedding Events

Sponsors: Jo Malone London, Sisters Magazine

Special Guest Appearance: Christinna Kuan ( IG: @ms_kuan)

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