Bridesmaid Dress Trends and Styles We Love in 2024


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If you recently asked your bridal party to officially become your bridesmaids in 2024, there is so much to get excited about! As you are about to celebrate your love with your nearest and dearest, it’s time to pick the perfect dress to show them how much you value their presence on your big day. While there is no strict approach to choosing your bridesmaid dress, figuring out which style to opt for can be challenging. The 2024 season brings with it upcoming styles that are all about uniqueness, mix-and-match vibes, and can easily be cohesive yet personalised for all your friends. 

Mix and Matched Styles and Neutral Tones 

The key trends for 2024 is mix and match! This style allows the bridal party to radiate confidence and express their personality through an array of colours, shapes and styles. Modern brides are stepping away from the one-size-fits-all approach. The mix-and-match style is designed to showcase the bridal party’s personality and individual style. The bride selects her dream colour palette, and the bridesmaids choose shades and styles that complement their skin tone and personal style. This approach is ideal for ensuring a cohesive and personalised bridesmaid party aesthetic. With new varieties of colours, fabrics, and silhouettes in the bridal market, this provides the perfect opportunity for your bridesmaids to have fun! While they are not trying to steal the show, they still deserve to feel their very best on your special day. The key is to ensure everyone is happy while maintaining a cohesive wedding theme. Copper and gold-inspired hues are ideal as they suit different skin tones and help maintain a refined yet unified look. 

Silky Satin and High-Shine Fabrics 

Flattering, sophisticated, and glamorous, satin fabric remains a timeless choice in 2024. While not every dress may complement your bridesmaids’ silhouettes, choosing a silk fabric makes the selection process easier for all of you. Not only is the fabric lightweight and beautiful, but it also drapes fluidly over the body. There is a reason why most bridesmaids are in awe of silky satin bridesmaid gowns. When choosing a silky bridesmaid look, the fabric becomes the focal point. The cohesion is created, through the gown’s silhouette and personalised attributes, such as the neckline, the length and other intricate detailing. Additionally, silky satin dresses cater to various types of weddings. Whether you’re planning a modern, or rustic wedding, your bridesmaids’ smiles will sparkle as they walk down the aisle. 

Choosing a Dress That Can be Worn Again 

If you’ve been a bridesmaid before and never actually wore the dress again, join the club! This is your chance to make things different with your own bridal party.  

Three reasons why you may not have worn the dress again: 

  1. You weren’t really included in the decision-making process and simply had to be the supportive friend. 
  2. The style wasn’t flattering for your body shape and size, and/or the selected colour didn’t feel like you. 
  3. The dress was a floor-length gown, perfect for a wedding party but not so convenient for a date night! 

In 2024, bridal designers are introducing eco-conscious creations. As a bride, you too can show your commitment to sustainability by ensuring your decision-making process is nothing like the three reasons mentioned above. This will ensure your bridesmaids love the dress you choose and make it a keepsake for years to come. Grace Loves Lace recommends saying yes to a slip gown. Crafted from natural fabrics and easy to style in various ways, this silhouette is ideal for repurposing. Whether your bridal party is interested in a midi slip, mini slip, or a two-piece set, these can be styled to be fuss-free, minimalist, or glamorous. 

For more inspiration, don’t forget to check out the brand’s bridesmaid collection. From luxurious lace to eco-satin dresses, there are various choices of hues to satisfy many bridesmaids-to-be. 

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