Capture the Magic: Must-Have Wedding Photos You Can’t Miss!


Planning your dream wedding is an exciting journey, and while you’re busy curating the perfect playlist and deciding between peonies and roses, don’t forget to think about capturing those unforgettable moments. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of must-have wedding photos that will make your album as timeless as your love story. Let’s dive in!

1. Bride’s Preparation

Credit: Manoj for Munkeat Studios

Capturing the feeling of anticipation as you get ready – the zipping of the dress, the adjustment of the veil, the intimate exchanges with bridesmaids and the emotional moments shared with family – each moment a step closer to the aisle. Not to be missed also are the poignant moments when a bride is dressed in traditional attire, imbibing the richness of local culture with a visual celebration of heritage.

2. The Accessories

Chances are your bridal accessories were meticulously put together and may include heirlooms; perhaps something borrowed, blue or new. Whatever it may be, these are details not to be missed photo-shooting. They could be captured in a flat-lay or candidly as you wear them to complete your look.

3. Groom’s Preparation

Credit: Zach Chin

Document the groom’s reflections and camaraderie with groomsmen – those final moments of singledom. Having spent a great deal of time putting your whole look together, your photographer should document cufflinks, ties, and unique accessories selected.

4. Invitations Flat-Lays

Credit: Adam Ong

Your photographer would showcase the artistry of your wedding invitations in carefully composed flat-lays, highlighting intricate details and design. Sometimes, a photographer may take up to 30 minutes to assemble and shoot these details. Therefore, it’s best to prepare the full invitations along with additional details you’d like to include in the flat-lays to help them get this shot. Even if you’re using digital invites, printing out some extra physical stationary for this purpose, we promise will be well worth it!

5. The Most Important Accessory of All: The Bridal Bouquet

Credit: Munkeat Photography

Featuring the bridal bouquet in all its glory, your photographer should snap a shoot emphasising the carefully chosen flowers and greenery that complement the day’s theme.

6. The Practice of Local Customs and Traditions

Credit: Manoj for Munkeat Studios

Any traditional ceremonies or rituals should be documented religiously, each frame narrating the unique story woven into the fabric of your union. Run by the proceedings with your photographer, if he or she is unfamiliar with the culture and especially if you’re having a unique cross-cultural celebration where things may be slightly different from the norm.

7. The First Look

Credit: Manoj Photography

Ah, the moment your eyes meet, and your hearts skip a beat! Whether it’s an intimate garden gaze or a grand entrance, capturing the raw emotion of your first look sets the tone for the entire day.

8. Candid Laughter

Photo by Iluminen.
Credit: Iluminen

Let loose and let the giggles flow! The genuine laughter shared between you, your partner, and your loved ones is pure magic. Ask your photographer to sneakily capture those candid moments of joy that will warm your hearts for years to come.

9. Family Love

Credit: Jasmine A Photography

Celebrate the bonds that brought you here! A heartwarming family portrait is a timeless addition to your collection.

10. Bridal Squad Goals

Credit: Nomad Weddings

Strike a pose with your ride-or-die crew. From matching robes to coordinated sass, these photos are a chance to showcase your unique friendship and style. Get creative with fun poses and let your personalities shine.

11. Romantic Portraits

Credit: Nicholas Ng

Find a dreamy spot, steal a moment, and let your photographer work their magic. These romantic portraits capture the essence of your love story and create frame-worthy images that stand the test of time.

12. Ceremony Close-Ups

Credit: Munkeat Photography

Zoom in on those precious moments – the exchange of rings, the first kiss, and the look in your eyes as you say, “I do.” These close-ups immortalise the commitment and passion exchanged during the ceremony. An additional note, remind your celebrant or officiant to step out of the frame after inviting the groom to kiss the bride so you’ll get a shot of just the two of you!

13. Grand Exits

Credit: Twins Photography

Leave a lasting impression with a grand exit photo. Whether it’s a shower of confetti, a bubble-filled farewell, or a classic rice toss, these shots are a festive conclusion to your ceremony.

14. Wedding Decor Delight

Credit: Terralogical

The intricate details of venue decor – from table settings, centrepieces, wedding cake display to floral arrangements, each element a brushstroke in the canvas of your day and should not be missed. If your photographer can manage, and if it’s something you desire, communicate your wish for them to document the transformation of ceremony and reception spaces before the revelry begins. They can do so during cocktail hour.

15. Speech Reactions

Credit: Maritha Mae

Toasts that tug at the heartstrings and provoke laughter deserve a moment of their own. A good photographer would poise themselves to capture the genuine reactions, the clinking glasses, and the shared laughter that accompanies heartfelt words.

16. Cake Cutting

Credit: Louis Gan

Slicing through your wedding cake is a cherished tradition, a symbolic union of sweetness. Your photographer would ensure this milestone is immortalised, capturing the shared joy and promise it represents. Make sure they get a shot of the cake by itself before it gets cut.

17. Dance Floor Frenzy

Credit: Yung Yaw for Munkeat Studios

Time to bust a move! Capture the energy and excitement of the dance floor. From twirls to dips, these shots showcase the joy and celebration shared with your nearest and dearest.

18. Nighttime Magic

Credit: Louis Gan

As the sun sets, embrace the enchanting glow of twilight. Capture the magic of the night, whether it’s under fairy lights, sparklers, or a starlit sky. These shots add a touch of romance to your wedding album.

There you have it, lovebirds – a comprehensive guide to capturing the magic of your special day! Remember, these photos aren’t just snapshots; they’re memories frozen in time. So, let your personalities shine, embrace the spontaneity, and let your love story unfold through each click of the camera.

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