How To Get Started on The Wedding Budget


Quite frankly, the wedding budget is the first thing every couple need to complete before moving on into other aspect of wedding planning. Everything else depends on how much you can spend. It is up to the both of you to figure out how much you have and decide how much are you willing to spend? Before we go any further, let’s get break down the facts; weddings are expensive, but this is also quite possibly the biggest event you will ever host in your life, so don’t get overwhelmed, we are here to help. 

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Having said that, financial wellness at the start of married life is important. Therefore, be realistic. Set your budget and stick to it. If having an insta-worthy wedding is important to you, then perhaps you have to cut down on the guest list. If having all your friends celebrate with you is important, then perhaps you have to forgo a live band or ease out of the decor. Whatever you plan, follow through and try to keep everything reined in. 

The Wedding Budget Breakdown

To help you see the big picture, here is an infographic on the general cost breakdown in percentages. This is a rough guide and should not be religiously adhered to, take a look at it and adjust according to your priorities. Prioritising is key. Make sure you discuss this with your partner, focus your cash on the things you really care about. However, note that 15% is allocated to OTHERS. ‘Others’ represent things like cake, live band, stationary, photo booth, dessert bar, cocktail bar, after party etc. Things that in our opinion, one can forgo if their budget is tight. This is also where you can individualise your expenditure, spend on things that will make your wedding uniquely yours. However, do not forget to set aside at least 5% of that amount for surprises, for example: price hikes or miscalculations that will likely occur.

Get the Dollars Down

Now that you’ve got the percentages down. Put in the maximum amount you will spend on each category. Check out and copy the Wedding Notebook’s wedding budget Google Sheet for your budgeting needs. Alternatively, you can also download the Wedding Notebook’s wedding budget Excel spreadsheet if you prefer, to help you with this next task.

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