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The Difference Between a Wedding Stylist, a Decorator and a Florist


One could easily be forgiven to confuse between the roles of these 3 vendors. What is the difference between a wedding stylist, a decorator and a florist? How do I hire one? We hope to answer your questions and provide some clarity in this regard with this short and concise post. Ok! Let’s get to it!

Wedding Stylist

The role of a stylist is to design a personalised theme and colour palette for you. Often they will take a look at your Pinterest board to do this. They will then do a site visit and make a detailed floor plan. Props and decorations will be sourced by a stylist. They will commission relevant vendors such as florists, furniture rentals, lightings and stationary to bring to life the envisioned design. The budget for decor will be handled by the stylists as well. A wedding stylist can help with the procurement of additional features involving decorative elements like a dessert table or a flower bar.

When should I hire a Wedding Stylist?

  • Creativity is not your strength
  • You are not sure what you want + distracted with every other idea you come across
  • Decor is a priority for you and you want to nail it on the head
  • You have a complicated and difficult theme to pull off

How do I choose a Wedding Stylist?

  • Look at their portfolio
  • Have a chat and hear their pitch or ideas
  • Make sure they are within your budget


As the name suggest, their role is to decorate. Decorations at a wedding doesn’t necessarily just involve flowers. Often times, things like furniture, props, lighting, dinnerware may be used to achieve a certain look. The role of a decorator is to source these items. Some decorators double up as florist as well. Examples of a certain theme that will require the service of a decorator is a Shanghainese theme. A decorator’s role is not to conceptualise but to execute, therefore, they are suitable for an organised couple who wants to take on the challenge of planning their own wedding.

When should I hire a Wedding Decorator?

  • The decor you have in mind is elaborate and involve the use of multiple elements
  • You know exactly what you want
  • You’ve nailed your theme and colour palette
  • You have amass an array of visuals to deliver your vision across to the decorator
  • You have the budget for it

How do I pick a Wedding Decorator?

  • Look at their portfolio
  • Pick someone whose style you like
  • Have a chat with your vendor
  • Make sure your expectations are aligned with what your decorator can deliver



A wedding florist is suitable for the organised bride who knows exactly what they want, right down to the flowers they would like to include in the floral arrangements. A florist delivers what is ordered exactly as it is.

When should I hire a Florist?

  • You know exactly what you want
  • You are a creative or a DIY bride 
  • You’ve nailed down your theme and colour palette 
  • Decor is not that important to you and you just need simple decor
  • Your decor only involves flowers

How to pick a Florist?

  • Ask around for recommendation
  • Look through their portfolio
  • Discuss pricing 
  • Read through comments or feedbacks (Sometimes the arrangements may look good in pictures but the flowers may not be fresh or the type of flowers ordered were not delivered and replaced with an alternative of lower value)

Once you’ve decided, do stick to your decision and stop window shopping for other vendors as this will confuse you. There are so many aspects of wedding planning, so move on to your next task. Remember, your vendors have many other clients as well, so a good tip would be to check in a month and then a week before the day. Often times, what was discussed months before may have been forgotten. Always back up discussions in writing and visuals to avoid hiccups closer to the date. Have no idea where to start? Check out our real weddings and styled shoot sections for inspiration and explore the vendors behind their conception.


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