Refreshing drinks for destination wedding wwwtheweddingnotebookcom

9 Thoughtful Details For Your Destination Beach Wedding


Arrival Cocktail Or Drink

Refreshing drinks for destination wedding wwwtheweddingnotebookcom

A fresh welcome drink is a great way to start your beach wedding weekend and a refreshing reprieve from the long journey. Take it up a notch with a customised drink to your preferences or wedding theme. Here are some great cocktail ideas to get you started. Check in with hotel staff if welcome drinks will be served alongside a cold towel for that extra attention to detail.

Welcome Bag

Budget permitting, customise or personalise something and leave it in the hotel rooms for each of your guests. Not sure what to include in a welcome bag? Think local products and souvenirs, sunscreen, insect repellants, hangover pills, even snacks! Take inspiration from this thoughtful couple who threw their luxe organic destination wedding at Bali.

Suggestion For Activities

Provide your guests with an overall itinerary so that they know when and where your ceremony and reception (plus any other special arrangements) will take place. Include a map of the area, recommended nearby attractions, local delicacies to enjoy and activities they can try (in or out of the hotel) that they can enjoy in between your wedding events. Remember to include details like emergency contact person as well.

Mosquito/Insect Repellent and Soothing Balm

Essentials for destination wedding wwwtheweddingnotebookcom

Being outdoors means your guests would be exposed to mosquitoes or bugs, so do prepare some repellent for your guests, either as part of their welcome bags or make it available during your outdoor ceremony and reception.

Night Cap


Surprise your guests by leaving instant chocolate sachets or small bottles of liquor in their hotel rooms for a night cap. Traditional nightcaps include brown liquor like brandy or bourbon, and cream-based liqueurs such as Irish cream. For a hyper-personalised experience, arrange for hotel staffs to serve nightcap cocktails like the traditional hot toddy to guests’ room during turn down service, accompanied by a personalised not.

Hangover Pack

Essentials for destination wedding wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
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If you plan on serving lots of alcohol at your wedding and/or reception, it might not be a bad idea to leave your guests a hangover pack as well. This can be left in the guests room or distributed during turn down service. What to include in a hangover pack? Bottled water, earplugs, mint, a strip of Paracetamol and Antacids, electrolyte packets, travel pack natural eyedrops, chapsticks and mouthwash.

Beach Toys For Kids

Expecting kids at your destination wedding. Entertain them with beach toys. You’ll be surprise how long kids can spend at the beach with some toys to get them started, giving your wedding guests who are parents much needed rest.

Beach Necessities

Credit: Terralogical

When throwing an outdoor wedding, the heat can sometimes be overwhelming. Doubling up as gifts, folding fans, parasols or sunglasses can be useful to help provide relief from the heat. Not to mention these accessories would look lovely as props when your guests are taking group photos after.

Stand-By Umbrella

The weather can be unpredictable, no matter the prediction. Having a contingency plan is ideal for any outdoor wedding. With all your family and friends dolled up, it would be vital to keep them out of the rain. Ensure your venue provides sufficient number of umbrellas for the number of guests you would be expecting. They should be kept on stand by but out of sight.

Cooling Stations

Credit: Adam Ong Photography

Probably the most important detail to pay attention to in any beach weddings is to make sure guests remain constantly hydrated throughout the day. Therefore, make sure that they have assess to adequate liquids throughout any event. From pre- to post-events and in between, water stations should be made available and within easy reach. Budget permitting, drinks like coconut or refreshing mocktails would elevate your celebration further.


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