Top 7 Myths of Destination Weddings


destination wedding

Photo by The Andaman, Luxury Collection, Langkawi

Like many others, we’ve always assumed that destination weddings came with hefty price tags. But after doing some research, we’ve found that the opposite is true. Besides costing less than the average local wedding, destination nuptials can also be so beautiful and fun for everyone. As long as you’re willing to reduce the number of guests, we promise that your wedding will be a memorable affair that everyone can enjoy.

Myth #01: Destination weddings are more expensive

Destination weddings usually work within a fixed budget, which is great for your pocket. Many destination wedding venues already come with basic décor, and oftentimes the venue itself is already so beautiful that very little needs to be done. Guests usually pay for their own transportation and lodging, and because your guest list is shorter, you’ll end up spending less overall.

Myth #02: It cannot accommodate all my guests

Depending on your budget, there are plenty of venues that can accommodate big groups of people. That being said, a destination wedding is a great excuse to have a small, intimate celebration. Hire a good photographer or videographer so you can share your big day with the rest of your friends and relatives. Honestly, you won’t get to spend much time with them in a big wedding anyway.

Myth #03: No one will come

Asia has plenty of stunning destination wedding options, and budget airlines have made it so affordable and easy to travel these days. Because only those who love you enough will set apart an entire weekend to travel to your destination wedding, it’s the best way to trim your guest list without offending anyone. Your wedding planner might also be able to find discounted group deals on travel and lodging, making it much more affordable for your guests.

Myth #04: Too stressful and difficult to plan

Plenty of brides are planning their wedding online from abroad nowadays, and you can even hire a local wedding planner if the venue isn’t providing you with one. Opt for a less rigid programme and itinerary – it’ll make your destination wedding even more fun and memorable.

Myth #05: It’s only for elopements or late marriages

Not true. More and more people who prefer no-fuss nuptials are opting for destination weddings these days, not least because they do away with the formalities and put everyone at ease and in a celebratory mood.

Myth #06: It’s too complicated legally

Most wedding coordinators will tell you to just register your wedding in your country of residence so you don’t have to worry about legal procedures during your destination wedding. But if you insist, most hotels or wedding planners will be able to assist you as well.

Myth #07: It has to be on a beach

Says who? Most hotels or venues are pretty accommodating in terms of venue, whether you want your wedding by the pool, in the garden or in a ballroom. Alternatively, book a private villa somewhere so you and your loved ones can escape the city for a weekend to celebrate your wedding.

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