24 Wedding Door Gift Ideas Your Guest Will Love


Selecting wedding favours that appropriately commemorate your special occasion yet serve practical purposes after your guests take them home can be a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve gone ahead and done you the favour of compiling this list of wedding door gifts catering to various looks and budgets while highlighting local vendors.

Edible Gifts

Artisanal Chocolates

Offer your guest a tantalising treat with these carefully curated pretty looking bonbons. There are 14 flavours to choose from at RM5 per piece. Have a chat with their sales person to customise your gifts.

Make Magic With Macarons

Knowing the famous Malaysian love of cuisine, food, in general, make fairly good edible wedding favours. Another option for glamorous, classic-styled weddings, delicate macarons are pretty little things that come in plenty of colours and flavour combinations. These start at RM 6 per piece.

Personalised Granolas And Trail Mixes

Health foods have really begun to gain momentum and find themselves as a staple in most homes today. Customisable granolas and trail mixes are available at Granos. Choose from a variety of ingredients and introduce your wedding guests to ‘the couple’s favourite’ with this fun option. Gifts are priced according to ingredients and are suitable for those with budgets of even below RM10.

Keep It Classic With Madeleines

Madeleines are definitely here to stay, dainty and light. They come in a variety of colours and sits perfectly in these custom boxes priced at RM 7.90 per set.

Commission Novelty Cookies

How adorable are these tiered wedding cake cookies by @imsugarhouse. Lovely to look at and sure to be a conversation starter. They are priced at RM12 going upwards depending on the intricacy of the design, packaging included.

Budgeted Gifts

Mark The Occasion With Bookmarks

Avid readers listen up: celebrate your love for literature and your significant other with custom-made bookmarks! Though small, they make brilliant blank canvases for great art while remaining practical in everyday life. Design on Canva and send it off for printing. Gogoprint offers printing services for approximately RM1 per bookmark for an order of 50.

Nothing Sweet Like Honey

It’s a classic for a reason; there’s no better complement to the sweetness of marriage than the sugar in honey. Your guests would likely appreciate the treat, and the glass jars can be reused later. Wedding cottage carries Halal honey, starting at RM3.80 for 30 jars.

Put Chocolate On Display

This may look simple but it gets the job done. And heck, it looks good doing it. The card prints are personalised. These are the best-bargained door gift we’ve come across so far, at RM65 for 100 -it’s such a steal, and we’re so excited to share it with you.

Package Cookies To Go

5 cookies in a personalised bag, with an extensive variety to choose from, priced at RM1.80 each. Need we say more?

Embrace Succulents

Venture into this new stage of your life by introducing your guests to verdant lives of their own. Succulents make for cute, memorable wedding door gifts that don’t necessarily require much maintenance and are especially suitable for outdoor garden weddings. Visit little eden succulents M’sia for a wide variety from RM5 each.

Traditional Gifts

Celebrate Heritage With Kaya

Baba Beng is a home-based purveyor of Nyonya kaya. Not only does it taste good but its packaging looks to stand on its own, retailing at RM13 in stores, it is a perfect complement to a peranakan style wedding

Surprise Guests With Achar

Asians love food and East Asians love our spices. Leave your guest intrigued with an unconventional gift like Jacob’s corner achar, homemade with passion. The price starts at RM 8.

Opt For Oriental Chopsticks

The perfect wedding favour for any East Asian-themed ceremony, a sturdy pair of chopsticks would not look out of place at a Chinese, Japanese, or Korean wedding. Most door gifting services would carry these. For the DIY couple, simple chopsticks can easily be purchased online for as low as RM 1.50 per pair, simply attach a self-design and printed sleeve to make it your own.

Channel Old School Vibes With Indian Sweets

Planning to host a traditional Indian or Tamil wedding? Quaint packages of Indian traditional sweets—such as laddu, palkova (milk candy), mysore pak, and coconut candy—would make fabulous wedding favours. Dicesry Gift and Favor can serve them bagged individually or with custom tags, starting from RM1.20

Featuring The Bunga Telur

Traditional bunga telur doorgifts came in a sack attached to the stem of a plastic flower. A symbol for fertility, it is a must-have for the traditionalist. Keep the tradition alive with the deconstructed gift by Oleolemanis, fine-tuned with an orchid embellished mengkuang box, starts at RM4.10 per box and includes boiled egg.

Luxurious Gifts

Introduce Wax Sachets

Your guest will be able to scent up a small room with these beautifully crafted wax sachet. Designs are customisable and price starts at around RM 25 per piece.

Handmade Natural Soap

Founded by a 3 generation mother-daughter team, hand making vegetarian products in small batches while supporting local produce. Their handmade soaps are natural and gentle on the skin, perfect for repeated cleaning as we emerge from the covid era. These kefir soaps retail from RM18 apiece.

Cosy Up With Scented Candles

Locally made in small batches using palm wax that burns clean, cruelty, phthalates and paraben-free. These amber jar candles are guaranteed to invoke ‘riang’ moments for your guest. Our favourite scent – Sweet Honey, would add a touch of class to any wedding reception. Each jar is priced at RM 45.90. Contact Life Design Studio for quotes on bulk orders.

Show Stop With Resin Coasters

These stunning coasters are the perfect gift to match more elaborate weddings. Available in multiple colours, with the option to custom text on them in fancy script font for a fee, their gorgeous, luxurious façades are sure to delight guests. Choose from floral embedded to marbled designs, or custom an order according to your wedding theme. Double up on their function by using them as place cards. Each coaster retails at RM18. Can’t get the ideas of gifting coasters out of your mind, take a cue from this DIY bride and make your own!

Practical Gifts

Enchanting Batik Purse

For traditional Malay weddings or those decorated in a similar vein, look no further than the intricate designs and vibrant colours of these eye-catching zipped batik pouches, available for RM15 each. They make handy, compact, and highly portable carriers of coins and other accessories.

Cutlery Pouches With A Good Cause

One can easily purchase cheap products from mass production factories online. If wedding favours are within your budget and while you’re at it, why not support local artisans. Sewing world is an initiative, in which our queen Tunku Azizah is a patron. They aim to empower lower income groups with the skills to create and make a living from their craft. With so many people carrying around cutlery or straw pouches these days, consider a pouch like the beautifully crafted tie-dyed one pictured above. Your guests will get to enjoy locally handmade products while the organisation could benefit from exposure. Prices start at Rm13.

Handy Notebooks

Stationery are versatile door gifts that suit many themes. Paperose make simple notebooks that come with sophisticated decorative sleeves you can personalise. Their A7 notebooks are available in white, grey, baby blue, or pastel pink canvas. Alternatively, opt for faux leather in darker shades of navy, red, green, coral, or black. Prices start at RM8.20 each.

Incorporate Pressed Flowers

An especially pertinent gift as we emerge from inactivity in these post-pandemic times, flower factory’s hand sanitiser comes in flat, compact pocket sprays, dainty pressed flowers that are customisable. A gift that will remind your guest of your special occasion every time they reach for it. Style varies and starts at RM19 per bottle.

Bring Out The Bar Soaps

Bar soaps are practical door gifts for your guests to use at home. The attractive packaging and novel scents they often come in are just the icing on the wedding cake. Mark a clean start to newlywed life with these scented soaps, from RM4.05 apiece.

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