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26 Stunning Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Location For Every Style


Malaysia, with its diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, offers a plethora of breathtaking locations for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Whether you’re looking for urban elegance, natural beauty, or cultural charm, these 25 locations promise to capture the essence of your love story in the most picturesque way. So pick your favourite, and let the magic of your surroundings do the rest.

Wild Nature

1. Fraser’s Hill
Photo by Jessielyee Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
An Adventurous Duo Takes on Fraser’s Hill for Their Bridal Portraits

This pre-wedding shoot tells a story of a spunky pair with lots of personality and a taste for the outdoors. Both outdoor enthusiast, their photoshoot was taken over a slumber party in the forest at Fraser’s Hill. Chosen for it’s unspoiled and quiet surroundings, this couple set camp along with their photographer, Jessie Lyee. They waited patiently for the blue hour after sunset and lit a fire. Together, they settled down to enjoy the evening in an unhurried manner as their photographer shot away. Cosy jumpsuits and casualwear complete the look for this album.

2. Kanching Waterfalls
Photo by Twins Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
City and Kanching Fall Shoot

A short 45 minutes car ride from the city makes Kanching waterfall one of the more popular locations for a photoshoot. This location boost 7 waterfalls and although it does get quite busy in the weekends, a hike further up will lend you a quieter site for the purpose of a romantic shoot.

3. Sekinchan
Jackie Yong Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom

The paddy fields in Sekinchan, with their endless greenery, offer a unique and tranquil setting. The contrast of the green fields against the clear blue skies is simply breathtaking.

4. Cameron Highlands
Photo by Hellow Jane Lee wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Vintage Fun Vibes at Cameron Highlands

Capture a wide landscape within a deserted tea plantation, hike the moss forest or catch the sunrise at Mount Brinchang. Whatever it is, you’re sure to inject some romantic mystic into your shots with this locale.

5. University Putra Malaysia
Twins photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Three distinct location and style for a dynamic couple

This location has long been a popular spot for engaged couples over the years. Located only a stone’s throw from the city, the grounds at this university boast rolling hills, majestic trees, lakes, white picket fence. This place transports you to a faraway place without even trying, that is how beautiful it is to shoot.

6. Morib Beach, Selangor
Photo by Funkydali wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Two Parts Of A Whole

Selangor is hardly known for its beaches, but under trained eyes there is beauty to be found in unexpected places.

7. Bako National Park
Bako National Park Sarawak Andy Phe Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Nature-Filled Engagement Portraits in the Hidden Gem that is Bako National Park, Sarawak

One of Southeast Asia’s smallest national parks (small enough to explore in a day), nevertheless this small parcel of land contains almost all variety of Borneon vegetation. Despite being on 37-kilometre from Kuching and a 20-minute boat ride from Kampong Bako, arriving at Bako feels other-worldly. Not to be missed, one of the landmark features of this park are the intricate sea stacks (rock formations) as pictured above.

Feeling Industrial

8. Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya
Photo by Bitesize Visuals wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Minimalist and Industrial-esque Bridal Portraits at Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya

Rough austere looking buildings are offset by carefully placed plants. The greenery is in stark contrast to the square’s raw concrete and exposed brick facade. Here you will find curtains of draping fauna over man-made structures, as if nature is creeping in to reclaim its place. A no-brainer choice for this creative couple, of which the groom himself is an architect who is part of the team responsible for the design of this space.

9. Abandoned Factory in Port Klang
Photo by Trees on the Moon wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Spunky and Preppy Bridal Portraits Taken in Port Klang and Puncak Alam

Perfect for the adventurous couple who wants something different from the conventional pre-wedding photoshoots. Decrepit structures have always been intriguing. This abandoned factory is no different with its neglected charm, wild grass threatening to overtake its place.

10. Random Warehouse
Photo by Daren Chong Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Retro-Chic Shoot at random warehouse at Subang Industrial Park

Photoshoots at warehouses can be fun, especially if you come across one with such a fun colour. Note how this couple tied their outfit to the yellow of the door in the most subtle way and how they pop!

11. Building Rooftops
Pixioo Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Artistic and Dreamy Bridal Portraits Come to Life with LED Lights

Rooftops hold a certain allure but it’s not just urban explorers and extreme sports narcissists that are drawn to the tops of buildings to capture this alternative view of the city. Rooftops take on a unique feel after the sun goes down, and injects a sense of intimacy over the sprawling cityscape.

12. Sultan Abdul Samad Building
Photo by Funkydali wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Two Parts Of A Whole

Designed in the Neo-Moorish style, Sultan Abdul Samad Building is a heritage site in its own right. Exposed bricks, white arches and banding, a reminder to our colonial past. From vintage to modern quirk, any styling would work with this façade.

13. Shipyard, Port Klang
Port Klang Photo by Deviews Production wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
A conceptual photoshoot at Port Klang

A Nod to Heritage

14. Old-School Cafes and Bars
Photo by Jessielyee Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Nostalgic Bridal Portraits at Hide and Seek Coffee, Petaling Street

If you love classic films and the 1920’s, this is the style for you! Raw yet nostalgic, Kuala Lumpur is littered with suitable spots like these, keeping to it’s original architecture they tell the stories of yesteryear. Old school charm, neon lights, vintage furniture and matching outfits, what’s there not to love!

15. Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur
Photo by MJK Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
A Walk Down Memory Lane In Petaling Street

Is there a location for nostalgic than Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur? There never seems to be lack of unique spots to shoot at here.

16. Moroccan Pavilion Putrajaya
Photo by Jasmine of Munkeat Studio wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Gorgeous Traditional Indian Bridal Portraits in White and Earth Tones Taken at Putrajaya, Malaysia

The Moroccan Pavillion is a mesmerising rose-tinted structure. Drawing on influences from the Middle East and Persia as well as traditional Malay architecture, the interior is a stunning pastel salmon pink shade that lends an added feel of romance to this tranquil location.

17. Jonker Street, Malacca
Jens Kv Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Bridal Portraits Set Against Gorgeous Blue Skies at Pantai Klebang and Jonker Walk, Melaka

Hurl yourself into the bustling and chaotic Jonker Street, Malacca for a fun quirky shoot. Old-school eateries, hip cafes, galleries, food vendors and gag gift sellers line both sides; leaving you plenty of options for a vantage point shoot. With so much going on, one things for sure, no two pre-wedding photoshoot will ever look the same.

Artistic Expression

18. Sand Dunes, Malacca
Photo by Jasmine A of Munkeat Studio wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Dreamy and Passionate Bridal Portraits at the Sand Dunes in Malacca

The glamorous and ethereal offerings of sand dunes as your engagement photoshoot backdrop results in the most epic photos! Time your photoshoot at sunset for the natural glow and added drama.

19. Kundasang, Sabah
Milky way in Kundasang Patrick Kok Moments wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Bridal Portraits Beneath A Nightsky Full of Stars at Kundasang, Sabah

It takes about 2 hours by car to get to Kundasang from Kota Kinabalu. This couple and their photographer took a chance with this trip, hoping to snap a picture of the Milky Way. Their endeavour involved having to wait for the perfect night sky, with the chance of returning home empty handed. Fortunately for them, and us too, the clouds parted and the result is a shoot with the most glorious night sky.

20. Menara Paragon
Photo by Twins Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Artistic and Creative Bridal Portraits in Kuala Lumpur

An illustrator and a fashion designer, this couple were looking to take some unconventional engagement shoots, wanting something conceptual yet artistic. To provide contrast to the white background, the couple dressed in black. Playing on light and shadows, they shot at different levels of the building to highlight the building’s unique repetitive lines and patterns.

21. Beachside
Sanren Studio Bridal portraits in Batu Pahat wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
An Artistic and Dreamy Film Bridal Photoshoot in Batu Pahat, Johor

At first glance, these bridal portraits look like they are straight out of a Japanese countryside. There’s a forgotten quality of film photography that is only achieved in digital photos with edits or filters these days. This styled photoshoot that was shot with a Kodak Portra400 and Canon Eos55 created the perfect dreamy vibe for this couple, and one would never have guessed that these were taken in Batu Pahat, Johor!


22. Modern Cafes and Bars
Photo by Jasmine A of Munkeat Studio wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
Dreamy and Passionate Bridal Portraits at the Sand Dunes in Malacca

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Paired-back cosy café session like these allow couples to just enjoy each other. That’s when the camera goes to work. A rainy Sunday afternoon, a cosy cafe, some good coffee, deeper conversations, laughs and stolen kisses. Amplifying the simple things that makes life beautiful.

23. Nightclub

Met at a club? Why not turn your favourite nightclub into a wedding photoshoot location? Select a photographer adept at playing with lighting and shadows for results like these.


24. Tattoo Parlour
Photo by Two Of Us Signature Studio wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
I Do Tattoo

Are you a couple who share a common passion, personalise your photoshoot with an activity that you both enjoy doing. Here, this couple gets permanently-inked to commemorate the milestone in their journey.

25. Public Marathon
Photo by Jimmy of Studio Numb9r wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
The Couple That Stole The Limelight At The Color Run Malaysia 2014

“We decided very quickly that we wanted to do something different for our pre-wedding shoot. My fiancé is a hardcore marathoner, duathlete and triathlete. We knew that this event was very popular around the world, and as it was in KL for the first time, we wanted to take the opportunity to make it happen! It will also be very merry with runners all around us! We love the contrast from the pops of colour against the bright white outfits and blue sky. The best part about it was there would be tons of free colour powder! It’s sensational stuff to play with!

26. On the Road
Photo by TK TEO Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom
The Best Bicycle Adventure for Bridal Portraits at Dungun Terengganu

Both riding enthusiasts, Suki and Oska met through their love for the sport. As they planned their wedding over the course of a year, they decided to revisit the place where they first met – Dungun. We love how this couple incorporated details of what makes their relationship special into their photoshoot. This is a sign that you should too!

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