A Close Knit Botanical Wedding Celebration at In Tasek, Kuala Lumpur


Here’s a detailed run-through of Momoyo and Naoya’s special day, personalised just for them and celebrated with just eight guests, making it the tiniest yet most charming wedding bash we’ve ever featured on The Wedding Notebook.

The day began with the hum of excitement as Momoyo and Naoya prepared separately, each moment filled with anticipation of the day to come. Surrounded by their closest companions, the atmosphere was tinged with smiles, love, and the soft rustle of wedding attire.

Before the main event, the couple had a magical photoshoot at the Kuala Lumpur Botanical Gardens amidst lush tapestry of nature’s best, with the city’s iconic skyline peeking through. This was not just a shoot, but a moment of tranquility, a brief interlude where Momoyo and Naoya could bask in their love, surrounded by the beauty of Malaysia’s treasured flora.

Guests were chauffeured in style to the exclusive In Tasek, a bespoke event space in the heart of Kuala Lumpur designed for intimate gatherings. With its minimalist design and open-concept space that brings the outside in, In Tasek provided the perfect canvas for Momoyo and Naoya’s intimate celebration.

As the guests arrived, they were welcomed into a space transformed into a green sanctuary, a nod to the earlier photoshoot. The event flowed seamlessly into a luncheon that was as exquisite as it was heartfelt. The floral decor and tablescapes became the centrepiece of the celebration. The palette is a symphony of neutrals punctuated with gentle hues of yellows and greens, embodying a tranquil and refreshing ambience, a natural extension of a garden brought indoors. The overall design marries the wild, untamed beauty of a garden with the structured aesthetic of contemporary design elements.

The smallest wedding party ever featured on our site, it was the epitome of personal and private – a day shared with those who meant the most. The simplicity of the event, the thoughtful nuances, and the serene ambiance reflected the couple’s desire for a day that was purely about their bond, rather than the spectacle.

Vendor Spotlight:

Venue: In Tasek

Photographer: Nicholas Ng

Planner: Eventistry

Decorator: Within the Occasions 

Florist: Within the Occasions 

Officiant: Marcus Tan

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