A Great Impromptu Wedding Video


We totally understand how a bride would have sleepless nights in the weeks prior to her wedding, as she thought about all the better ideas she could have implemented. We just never expected someone to actually be courageous enough to pursue the matter and actually make something happen.

This entire video, from the brainstorming process to production to final editing, was done in a week by Rekord Haus. It is seriously good, and we can’t help wondering what they could have come up with, given more time. We definitely love the storytelling and art direction, but more than that, we are moved by the couple’s thoughtfulness in including their parents. This video will charm both the older folk and the younger people, though in very different ways. It is a great way to bridge the generation gap, and give everyone a good story to take home.

Rekord Haus: “Yan Jing and Eddie wanted a nostalgic piece aimed at paying tribute and homage to their parents and the older generation. We met up to discuss the concept just one week before their wedding, shot the footage in the next few days, and finally completed the edit just one day beforehand. It was a mad rush but also the most satisfying shoot we have had to date.

“They both gave us a list of old places to revisit, as we went about different parts of Singapore to grab cutaway shots. Unfortunately, some of the places are no longer around anymore. Many of the scenes were also impromptu.

“The voiceovers were recorded as a last minute decision – they came up with the script on the spot, and we recorded everything in their car! We even had to seek translation help from my mum, as she is Hainanese. Throughout the process, we learnt many new things about Hainanese culture that we never knew.

“Huge thanks to Yan Jing and Eddie, who touched the hearts of not only their family and friends, but ours too.”

YAN JING & EDDIE {Singapore}

Videography by Rekord Haus

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