A Serene Backyard Nuptial at Fajar Menyinsing, Port Dickson


Nailah and Hakim crossed paths initially while working as journalists at Astro AWANI. Their journey towards love began during their co-hosting stint on a morning show in 2019. Beyond the confines of the television cameras, their chemistry flourished into a genuine romantic connection. Despite the demanding nature of their roles as news anchors back then, the early mornings and on-site interactions at the news studio only deepened their bond. both currently pursuing Master’s degrees at the University of Warwick, Nailah and Hakim share the narrative of their wedding day.

Their story kicked off in 2020, right during the pandemic, when they discreetly started dating, finding solace in mealtimes at work or through FaceTime calls. Their unique courtship, influenced by lockdown restrictions, led to a picturesque proposal in Kota Kinabalu in April 2022.

Nailah and Hakim chose the enchanting Fajar Menyinsing in Port Dickson as their wedding venue, embracing the beauty of an original wooden kampung house and private beach access. They prioritized an intimate gathering, with 100 guests attending the Nikah ceremony and around 300 guests during the afternoon reception, to ensure quality time with loved ones. The venue’s historical significance, a kampung house dating back to the 1900s, added a distinctive touch that captured their attention and inspired them to feature it prominently on their invitation card.

The couple drew inspiration from the venue’s natural elements, fostering a collaborative and creative approach with their decorator, Abang Nas of Munstara. The lawn of Fajar Menyinsing were tastefully decorated with bright colourful flower spread which stood out nicely against the classic facade of a traditional house as well as the neutral tone of the natural surrounding.

The Akad Nikah ceremony began with nervous anticipation due to grey clouds, but the day unfolded smoothly, marked by emotional moments, live music, and a seamless transition from traditional attire to modern dress and linen suits.

For the afternoon reception, Nailah and Hakim changed outfits and made their grand entrance accompanied by a lively rendition of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You,’ as they greeted and welcomed the larger crowd of their guests. The paper umbrellas, initially chosen for aesthetics, proved practical when the sun unexpectedly made an appearance.

The sight of their friends and family members gathering under the shade, sharing laughter, and eagerly capturing moments of the celebrated couple walking through the gorgeously decorated lawn, completed the transition from an emotional morning ceremony to a lively afternoon reception.

The guests were feasted with a range of curated meal of Negeri Sembilan dishes which are also the bride’s personal favourite. Both catering and the cake were prepared by local vendors. “One of the things I enjoyed most while wedding planning was discovering talented local vendors.” shared Nailah.

The crowd settle in with serenading live performance by Nailah childhood friends, whom she grew up jamming with. Working closely together for months curating the set list, to include the couple’s favourite songs. The band played Rex Orange County’s Pluto Projector during the couple’s walk down the aisle, Zee Avi’s Siboh Kitak Nangis during the ring exchange, and The Cure’s Lovesong for the cake cutting. For this bride, the music at her wedding wasn’t just a backdrop; it was a narrative crafted with love, familiarity, and deep personal significance.

When asked about the most distinct part of their wedding day, a moment that became the most cherished memory for this couple was when they retreated to their room to exchange heartfelt letters amidst the lingering echoes of celebration. An intimate wedding afforded them the luxury of spending most the day with close family and friends. After most of their guests left, the couple spent time with photographers by the beach, and ended their night with karaoke and fireworks with closest family members.

Your vendors:

Venue: Fajar Menyinsing, Port Dickson

Photographer: Candid Pictures Studio

Videographer: Candid Pictures Studio

Decorator: Munstara Event

Florist: Munstara Event

Bridal Gown (1): Tangsi Tujuh

Bridal Gown (2): Nurita Harith

Hair and Makeup: Zara Hunny

Bridal Shoes: Nelissa Hilman

Groom’s Suit: NR Exclusive

Entertainment: Bride’s childhood friends (liveband)

Cake: Backer Galerie

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