An Unconventional Rainforest Wedding at Happi Village, Janda Baik


Alex and Alisha threw a unique and intimate wedding at a lush rainforest retreat in Janda Baik. The couple met on a dating app platform, their connection was instant. After having met in person, they both discovered that they had fantastic chemistry and their relationship blossomed quickly. Seven years on, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Both Alex and Alisha have fulfilling careers – Alex is the Founder and Managing Director of UMAI, a prominent restaurant reservation and CRM system in Malaysia and in Portugal, while Alisha consults for an organic farm in Batang Kali and assists UMAI with some backend projects.

Their wedding venue, Happi Village, was not originally intended for a wedding. They initially planned an intimate gathering to mark their legal registration of marriage. With just 1.5 months of lead time, they scrambled to find the perfect location for a outdoor or garden wedding and lucked out with Happi Village. Sharing a deep love for nature and outdoor activities, the pair leaned into the rainforest retreat setting with a casual, laidback celebration complete with tropical decor.

The wedding was attended by 53 of their closest friends and family, making it an intimate and heartwarming affair. The location, surrounded by lush nature and cool architecture, set the perfect backdrop for their garden casual theme.

The day unfolded organically, with no rehearsal whatsoever, in a relaxed and paired-back atmosphere. The couple greeted their loved ones at the pavilion and engaged everyone in quirky, entertaining games that broke the ice. The day included a moving exchange of vows and rings, heartfelt speeches and toasts, and ended with intimate conversations that stretched late into the night.

It is undeniable that carefully thought out and personally coordinated elements they’ve incorporated into the wedding has made it one of a kind. Personally curated gin recipes, polaroids for guests, thoughtfully crafted bouquets for each guests room, and outdoor activities like hiking and ATV rides the next day added to the charm of this intimate event. The wedding games were a hit, injecting fun and lighthearted touch to the celebration.

Alisha’s memory of the day is filled with laughter and love. She recalls the beautiful speeches and the overwhelming happiness that enveloped the day. There was a touching moment when Alex’s father, whom Alisha has not yet met in person prior to this day, arrived just in time to witness the duo’s exchange of vows, after having his flight delayed.

“Prioritize what matters to both of you and stay true to your unique love story. Don’t get carried away trying to please others – your loved ones are there to celebrate your love in its purest form,” the couple shared. They also mutually agreed that planning together, enlisting the help of a wedding planner or friends, and starting early are key to a successful wedding.

Before wrapping up their sharing on the wedding celebration, they expressed their gratitude towards Happi Village for allowing them to have the entire place for their celebration, Weddings by Qay for his artistic photography, and Wah Lee Florists for the floral arrangements. Alisha also highlighted that Halo Doughnut made the dreamiest honey cake for them that day.

Vendor Checklist :

Venue: Happi Village, Janda Baik

Photographer: Weddings by Qay

Florist: Wah Lee Florist, Bentong

Cake: Halo Doughnut

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