A Glamorous Glasshouse Ceremony and Reception at The Boathouse


A new wave of stunning glass hall event spaces has been sweeping across Kuala Lumpur, offering high ceilings and entrances of abundant natural light. These spaces create an intimate and enchanting ambiance, making them the perfect backdrop for unforgettable wedding receptions. Today, we dive into the romantic celebration of Lee Wen and Edric, who exchanged their vows in the picturesque Glasshouse at The Boathouse Jalan Ampang. The Glasshouse was transformed into a whimsical flower meadow, with clusters of floral installations adorning the pristine white surroundings.

The floral selection was carefully chosen to harmonize with the couple’s elegant appearance and soft, textured details. Delicate Delphiniums lined the aisle, leading to the main stage where the exchange of vows took place. The graceful blooms gracefully filled the space, striking a balance between the elegant decor and the spotlight on the newlyweds as they walked amidst the joyful crowd.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, guests were guided to “The Dome” for the enchanting dinner reception. The Dome exuded opulence, adorned in luxurious shades of burgundy and deep red. Intricate layers of fabric, flowers, candle ornaments, and statement installations created a mesmerizing display. As guests approached the entrance, they were greeted by a seating chart nestled amidst a stunning arrangement of red floral accents and playful foliage.

Inside, the seating arrangement formed a circular layout, with the dance floor taking center stage. Magnificent handmade organza flower installations bloomed dramatically, adding a touch of grandeur to the hall. The Viking-inspired table setup showcased tall fabric floral arrangements intertwining with glowing candles, casting a romantic glow as the day transitioned into evening. The walls of the space were adorned with dark red fabric blooms, while glimmering details and vibrant neon lights added a whimsical touch.

As the night progressed, the atmosphere shifted to a lively poker night theme, setting the stage for endless fun. Lee Wen and Edric embraced the festive spirit, donning more casual attire, while the bride added a playful and cheeky twist to her look. The air was filled with the rhythm of live music and captivating performances as the couple joyfully danced and mingled with their loved ones. Laughter echoed through the venue, creating an unforgettable night of celebration.

In the embrace of  “The Boathouse”, Lee Wen and Edric’s wedding was a glorious culmination of love, laughter, and pure enjoyment. Their meticulously crafted decorations and attention to detail transformed the space into a magical realm. The Glasshouse and Dome setting, adorned with vibrant flowers, elegant fabrics, and captivating lights, created an enchanting atmosphere that will forever hold a special place in the hearts of all who attended.

Vendor Spotlight:

Venue: Boathouse by the Lake (Glasshouse & Dome), Ampang

Photographer: MunKeat Photography

Videographer: KenChan Production

Wedding Planner: Peak Xperience Weddings & Events

Decoration: Peak Events

Bridal Make Up: @siiew_wen

Bridal Hair: @vv1016

Bridal Gown (Ceremony): Zuhair Murad

Bridal After-Party Dress: @bycelineooi

Wedding Celebrant: Mr Kevin Chong

Liveband: @therawnoteliveband

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