7 Things You Need To Do In Tokyo


Japan is definitely a place where couples fall in love – if they haven’t already. We’re not sure whether it’s the experience of strolling the streets, surrounded by people speaking in a foreign language, or the extremely good looking, nice folks in a country overflowing with cool, pretty things. We love Japan, and Tokyo should definitely be one of your first stops if you’re heading over there for the first time. Choose the timing of your trip carefully because every season brings about a new adventure in Tokyo. As for us, we love them all.

#01 Lunch at the park
Buy a bento box from the supermarket, nicely wrapped in a patterned cloth that you can keep as a souvenir, and enjoy it outdoors at the park. Everything in Japan is so beautifully wrapped that we never want to open the packaging.


#02 Visit the hot baths
We love this place – Ooedo Onsen Monogatari, Odaiba. The only downside is the men and women are separated, but they do have a small combined area where couples can hang out. You can also put on a yukata (like a kimono, but for baths) and dine in this Edo-era onsen theme park. Just be sure to read up on the hot bath you are visiting beforehand, as most have strict rules about tattoos.


#03 Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo is the only place in the world with a Tokyo DisneySea. It is extremely beautiful and perfect for a romantic stroll at night; just don’t expect to see Mickey Mouse or any of the other famous Disney characters there. For that you will have to visit Disneyland, which is just next door, but if you’ve already been to a Disneyland anywhere in the world, give it a miss because it’s exactly the same as all the others.


#04 Shopping for souvenirs
Our favorite stores include Daiso and a few other such concept stores. It is nothing like what we have here, Sanrio and Disney merchandise there is definitely cheaper than at Disneyland. Just make sure it is ‘Made in Japan’.

#05 Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum
See buildings of great cultural value that were constructed in Tokyo between the early part of the Edo period and the post-World War period, along with items that show how people conducted their lives and businesses in the days gone by.

6-Edo-Tokyo-Open-Air Architectural Museum

#06 Food
You must try the soft-boiled egg ramen and street foods. Not to mention sushi that is fresh from the market and prepared by an expert who knows exactly how to slice the fish.

5 shibuya

#07 Shopping
Japan is a shopping haven, and Ginza is where all the high end brands are. Burberry Blue Label is cheaper than the average Burberry collection, and is only available in Japan. It’s also of good quality because it’s made in Japan. If you have money to splurge, you could also drop by the Gucci Cafe for tea, and don’t forget to head over to Shibuya, Harajuku or Shinjuku for streetwear brands and more.


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