Honeymoon Planning For The Football Fanatic


After your wedding day, most of you would probably want to just kick off your shoes and relax for a few days by the beach with a glass of champagne in your hand. But what if those things don’t satisfy you the way watching a football match does?

Why not plan a honeymoon around watching your favourite football club in action, like Faith and Collin did, or attending a sporting event like the FIFA World Cup? To those of you who know nothing about football, think about it – 90 minutes of your time in exchange for the opportunity to do some shopping in Europe sounds like a good deal, right?

Here are some tips on how to plan a “football getaway” honeymoon: –

#1 Match Day Tickets
There are various websites and tour companies out there that offer match day tickets and packages. But we believe your best bet will be either one of these two methods:

Club’s Official Website:
The safest place to purchase tickets is the club’s official website. However, most clubs require you to sign up as a member, and even then, it doesn’t guarantee you seats. For bigger clubs, you’ll have a better chance if you choose matches that are early in the season. Most clubs also offer VIP or hospitality packages, which are a better way of ensuring you get tickets.

Thomas Cook Sports:
Thomas Cook Sports is the authorised ticketing agent for various football leagues in Europe, including the Barclays Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. It’s also the ticketing agent for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Expect to pay almost the same amount as a hospitality package ticket for an ordinary ticket, packaged with a hotel room and stadium tour.

#2 Airport Taxes
Heathrow Airport in London has one of the highest airport taxes in Europe – £184. This is due to the Air Passenger Duty imposed by the UK government on all the airport’s inbound and outbound flights. A cheaper alternative would be to fly out to Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam or Istanbul, and catch a connecting flight to a different London airport, whereby the airport tax will only be £13. This way, you can also visit other parts of Europe.

#3 Stadium Tour
What if you are unable to plan your honeymoon to coincide with a match? If that is the case, you may want to just visit the stadium. Most of the football clubs in Europe offer stadium tours. Visit the website of your favourite football club to find out more and book a tour.

#4 City Tour
Since the both of you will be in town to watch a match, why not spend a few more days there and tour the city? Do some sightseeing, enjoy the cuisine and squeeze in a little shopping.

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